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    anyone know where +1 air 20% focus is?

    Hey, what's up. My ele is at kryta, and I found a pretty cool focus for her (+8 energy, +30 hp, +1 Fire 20% of the time). This thing is perfect for PVE, however, in PVP, I'm air (suprise, suprise). Was wondering if theres a similar focus?

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    50 views, no replies? Someone has to know.

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    cuz there is NONE :(

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    well... I think that if you made a PvP only character, one of the focus items (storm artifacts) you could have used had a similar effect (+1 to air while using skills). I forget what the percentage is.

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    What? How can that be? I've found the Fire focus, the water focus, surely there must be an air one?

    Actually, i found one thats even better than the one im using right now, it gives +10 mana instead of +8...

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    I found it, after going around hunting collectors for a bit. No thanks to you guys :(

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    Which collector did you find it from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark of Rodgort
    Which collector did you find it from?
    He won't tell us, cuz nobody helped him :p

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