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    Include Collectors into Economy

    Collectors could be used as the way to balance the economy. As it stands right now, you give a collector 3+ items, and they exchange those for an item of use. Sales through bartering. But why do they collect the items in the first place? Why not have them actually do something with those items.

    Example: Marchena collects minotaur horns in the desert. For 5 horns, you get a piece of armor. Why just leave it there? There's no economics involved. The collector doesn't make a profit - what are you going to do with minotaur horns?

    So, what if Marchena uses minotaur horns to make clean max-damage hornbows. Which she sells for an amount based on how many minotaur horns she receives against how many horn bows she sells. To pull a number out of my ***, since she takes 5 horns anyways, lets say she uses 5 horns per hornbow. The price of a hornbow will be, for the sake of this arguement, 5k gold. Now, the more horns she receives, the more bows she has in 'stock', and the price of her bows begins to drop. Then people start to buy the bows, and the price begins to increase.

    How does this affect the economy? Well, if the bow is being sold for 5k gold, people will charge less. Perversly, people might instead sell minotaur horns at 200g per horn - 1k gold for 5, which is exchanged for a hornbow, with a net savings of 4k. Now, sure, if a bow is selling for 5k, people will sell horns for 1k. But if there are more horns being exchanged to her directly, the bow price drops, so the horn prices drop, and then it becomes the buyers perogitive what to purchase - horns, or the bow.

    And if there's another collector somewhere else also taking in 5 horns, but to make... max clean bone staffs... then the market really takes off, because buying horns gives the buyer a choice of what to exchange for, and the prices on all 3 items will fluctuate.

    So, lets take it one step further - rare item collectors. We already have rare materials traders, this would be something similar. Lets put a rare collector in the Oasis. This specific collector takes in major runes - an item that's currently really depressed in the economy - nobody wants them. For 5 major runes of a given class - lets use swordsmanship runes in this case - the collector exchanges for an item relevant to that rune: umm... let say max damage dragonsword of wounding, for example. This pushes the price of major swordsmanship runes up, cause a lot of people would want that sword.

    Now, the collector has to make a profit somewhere, right? So, this collector sells superior runes. And their price is dependant on how many superiour runes he sells, against how many major runes he receives - if no one gives him runes, then the sup runes would be upwards of 50-60k (as a price out of my ***, again). But as he receives more major runes, the price of superior runes drops until it's at a level where people will purchase them... and then the price rises until he gets more majors. Eventually, it will stablize as a price the market can accept - until the build of the week comes out, and a run is put on those runes. Ah inflation.

    Comments? Flames?
    Outright insults?

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    Forgot to add... on the issue of 'in stock', the collector would never run out of an item, it would just hit a maximum limit of how much to sell for.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Very interesting idea... it could work in theory. I wouldn't mind seeing it implimented.

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    Well, it sounds like a neat gold sink idea in a way. But once you got the bow or whatever, the minotaur horns would end up as useless as they are now. Sure, you could sell horns to players once you have your bow, but you can do that now without this fix.

    It basically becomes the same issue with runes and dye and other high demand items: should we sell to players for immediate superior profit and contribute to general gold inflation, or should we sell to the traders in hopes of long term moderate deflation of prices? I do a bit of both. Unfortunately, I think your idea wouldn't do much either way in the long run--it would just be a different way for the collectors to operate.

    But keep those ideas coming!

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    yea, i wouldnt see this having much effect....but it is definately a step in the right direction...

    anything to help the economy :happy34:

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    GWOnline.Net Member theEnhance's Avatar

    collectors...collect. for like a hobbie, not to make a profit.

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    I like the idea BUT what this game needs (PvE) is item deterioration...

    Once a toon is all pimped out, dyed and fried the only thing use for gold is.. well I haven't gotten there so I would assume nothing much...

    Yes intra-guild gifts help the overall picture but if items were fade with time (read medium timeframe) then you would have to go and repurchase or rather yet repair your items.. Double gold sink, spurs the economy with the massive hoarding types...

    Money sinks and economy have always, ALWAYS been the problem in these games.. If it's not `build a toon and it's done` to the duper/farmers who sell on eBay..

    Give a reason for people to spend gold after they are finished with their setup and it'll help balance the issues...

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    As someone who's played on several MUDs for about 10 years (if you don't know, a MUD is like Guild Wars, but all text), I can vouge for the fact that item deterioration is the worst thing that can be put into Guild Wars. It just causes hassles and worry - like worrying about wear and tear on your car. It's not fun anymore.

    As for collectors collecting for a hobby, they're collecting useless items in exchange for useful items. For the economy to make sense, they have to convert the useless items into something worth money. Horn bows were just an example. Hell, they could change them into something that doesn't drop - like a potion of fire resistance or something.

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    hmm, that is a great idea for the economy, and well thouht out. I would like to see it adopted, but im realistic. ANet need a team of people like you who just think of wonderful idea. That actually get adopted.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Shanthe's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by theEnhance
    collectors...collect. for like a hobbie, not to make a profit.
    Same opinion here, to save the economy you'd be ruining the story... A collector doesn't buy a "Da Vinci" painting to paint over it again or to recycle the frame does he? He buys it to have it... So Marchena has a fetish for horns... leave her alone...

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