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Thread: R/W Hammerer?

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    R/W Hammerer?

    When I first got guildwars, I desired to create a character that would focus on doing lots of melee damage, and would avoid attacks rather than abosb them with high armor. Therefore I decided to go for a Ranger/Warrior build that specializes in hammers.

    I am currently only level 15, and I created this thread to get other people's input about this build.

    My skill right now are:

    Troll Unguent
    Irrestable blow
    wild blow
    Power Attcak
    Throw Dirt
    Whirling Defense
    Lightning reflexes

    (I know there are better options but like I said above, I'm only level 15)

    This build seems work work very well against other melee characters, this is largely due to the skill "throw dirt". Throw Dirt blinds surrounding enemy's which means they have a 90% chance to miss when attacking. The adavantage of this skill in a melee is quite obvious.

    The skills Whirling Defense and Lightning reflexes are also useful in that they provide a 75% to evade attacks which helps to balance out the build's lack of armor.

    Flurry is useful in that increases attack speed, while it does make the weapon deal 25% less damage, this shouldn't matter too much when you consider the massive damage of hammers, and many hammer mastery skills help to balance out this subtraction in damage also.

    Wild Blow, Irrisitable blow, and power attack are what I use for my main attacks, having all three means that I'll constantly be doing exta damage (provided I don't run out of energy).

    I tried to stay away from adrenaline skills, because with hammers it is often too hard to get alot of adrenaline quickly. Instead I focused on mainly energy based skills (which is nicely complimented by experitise). The focus on energy skills makes this build an energy hog, but with alot of points in experitise (you'll want throw dirt to be as effective as possible anyaway) and druid's armor you should not have a problem with mana.

    Other throughts:

    I think a trap skill would work very well in this build. For example, in a battle you could blind your enemies with throw dirt, then use the trap skill (you wouldn't have to worry about it being interupted because the enemies have a 90% chance to miss!) Healing springs would be a good replacement for troll unguent for this same reason.

    Winnowing would also be a good addition as it damages the enemy whenever they recieve melee damage (which, because you use hammers they will)

    Wary stance might be useful if you find yourself running out of energy (but this skill isn't too important beause of expertise).

    Serpents quickness could also be useful in that it decreses the recharge time on skills (faster attacks with hammers is always very good).

    As I said above, this build is quite effective at fighting other melee builds, and can kill monks very quickly, the rangers armor also provides some defense against elementalists. However this build does die quite quickly to life sapping spells (which could be balance with healing springs).

    What do you all think of this build, are there any suggestions about how it could be improved?

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    hmmm i wlould first like to say that using power attack is a bit strange since it only does +10 damage for 5 engery, i would defitnately put apply poison instead of it, and also then swith flurry for crude swing.. flurry is only good for gaining adrenaline, as the lower damage, makes the faster attack speed less usefull... and dsnt really help considering your attack spells have timers on them anyway..., yes but using trabs would really suk away at your energy, which means much less damage.

    actually winnowing would work with flurry, but its more suited to fast attack speed weapons like axes and swords

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    GWOnline.Net Member draugaer's Avatar

    I agree with you on the apply poision, but I'll probably eventually switch it for crushing blow (apply poision isn't really too useful in the middle of a battle as it has a casting time, and takes 15 energy to use).

    However I disagree with you on flurry, true flurry is a great way to gain a adrenaline, but it is also a good way to increase damage (yes you read that correctely). Consider this, while flurry does make your attacks do 25% less damage it increases attack rate by 33%. So lets say you normally do 50 damage a hit, and attack every 2 seconds. under these conditions you would deal 125 damage in 5 seconds. Now with flurry you would do 37.5 damage a hit, but would attack every 1.34 seconds meaning that in 5 seconds you would deal 140 damage, thats 15 more damage than without flurry! Also consider the fact that you will be able to interupt the enemy more often, and if you have an energy stealing weapon you will be stealing more energy. Winnowing will also be geatly improved through flurry

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    GWOnline.Net Member draugaer's Avatar

    Sorry for the double post, but I had kind of an off topic idea.

    How do you think a build like this would do:


    Main weapon is sword
    Off hand item is some kind of item that adds to energy

    The main skill focus of this build would be expertise and wilderness survival, basically it would be a melee trapper.

    The way the build would wok is this:

    You would use some of the ranger defenisve buffs like whirling defense and throw dirt (wary stance might be useful too) so that other melee builds cant hit you, then you would use one of your trap skills. You would regain energy through wary stance (maybe bonatti's defense?) but most importantly this build would rely upon an energy stealing weapon. The fast attack of the sword combined with flurry would mean that you would gain energy very quickly and be able to keep using those traps.
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    If possible dump some points into beast mastery and throw on tigers fury :happy34:

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    GWOnline.Net Member draugaer's Avatar

    Hmm.. I didn't even consider any of the beast mastery skills (since I wanted to focus on hammer mastery, expertise and wildness survival) However Tiger's fury would definatly be very beneficial to this build, it would probably replace flurry.

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    GWOnline.Net Member TheMikrobe's Avatar

    If you're avoiding most attacks with throw dirt or a stance then you could also use frenzy. You're not being hit so the double damage doesn't matter.

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    yeh lol definately put some into beast mastery... esp since u don't need tactics for a shield, tigers fury is a great replacement for flurry. hmmm a mellee trapper :S. only theory craft, but if i'm attacking you and u suddenly put up a defensive stance, then start casting a trap, i would immediately try and back away to get out of the radius and attack another target. then again, i would only have 2 secs to do this but.... crushing blow looks good, but it's only worth it if you can knock them down a lot, otherwise your better off with an adrenal skill, mayb use it in conjuction with counter blow, i dn't know much about hammers so i cn't say more than that.

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