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    The Spiritual Journey

    Taelaina’s lips curved into a smile as she looked up at the man who picked her up from her fall. He was absolutely dashing. Exactly what she always dreamed of. And family always called her silly for her dreams and her fantasies and her aspirations. Yet here was the man of her dreams. Her breath caught in her throat as the man leaned his head towards her, lips parted...

    “In the name of the bloody gods are you ever going to get up, girl?” shouted a voice from the other room. Taelaina had no choice but to snap awake, her auburn hair flying about as she hurried out of bed and into her clothes. This wasn’t the first time she regretted offering to assist Master Cheylan in his journeys, nor would it be the last. Granted, he was brilliant. He was also a kind man. A priest, so he claimed. I'll continue to find it strange that such a dedicated man swears like a sailor, she thought to herself.

    However, daybreak, to him, was the time to be awake and ready to hit the road. For Taelaina, it was simply a milestone in her night, indicating that she still had time to enjoy her wonderful sleep, even if she did end up dreaming most of the night. She just knew that today was another day during which she could not fix her appearance, and would just end up collapsing in bed, peeling off bloody and dirty clothes and leaving her hair as a mangled mess.

    Master Cheylan said it would be a spiritual journey. Not a dirty one.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragnarok-'s Avatar

    I take it that this will have more added to it? I hope so, it looks nice about now, kinda fantasy-ish though.

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    I'll add more when I get more inspiration. I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "fantasy-ish". Guild Wars is a fantasy game so the fan fiction attached to it would be as well. You say it's "fantasy-ish" as if that's a bad thing.

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    Ehh, I meant "fantasy-ish" as in the whole stereotypical fantasy books where *the main character rides to the damsel in distress riding a dragon or something and rescues her from the clutches of evil and killing his arch nemisis who just happened to hold the damsel hostage.*

    That sorta thing ya know? >.>

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    Don't you think you're making interpretations a little too early? :happy05:

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    No, not really. The first few paragraphs are what brings the reader in or what sends them out. I can read anything though, and because of that I don't mind when a book is about love or hate or anything like that. This work is nice, but there needs to be more details. It's too vague, and because of that it leaves it open to interpretation. I just posted my interpretation because I thought you may like it or want it, either way, it still appeals to me as the fantasy/love genre from what I see now.

    -Female main character
    ~Story begins with her fantasy romance dream.
    ~Shows her being religious in its form.
    ~Shows her yearning for the night where she may once again dream.
    ~Night is a haven for her where she truly is "alive" in.
    ~Day is a troublesome bother, only a passing in which she waits again for the night.

    Those reasons are just stereotypical things I can pull out and say. She dreams for a "dream man" who picked her up from a fall, showing her to be the damsel in distress. Because of this fact she yearns for those dreams where she is loved, and where she is right in her love.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is a good story so far, and I can't wait for more additions to it. Keep it up!

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    Well, then, I'm happy to say you'll be disappointed in your predictions. :happy05:

    I do appreciate the comments. It's interesting to see how someone interprets just the few paragraphs, especially knowing in my mind where it's going to go.

    Oh well. We'll see.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Ragnarok-'s Avatar

    haha, I don't mind being shown wrong in my predictions, they are, after all, just interpretations and predictions... Mind you, many books just throw in an amazing plot twist into it somewhere to change the genre of it...

    I've actually been thinking that if Rowling killed off Harry and Ron and Hermione in the last book that it would be an amazing twist in a very very dark way.

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    snow, i cant wait till your next post :happy34:

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