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    Sounds like it might be time to contact www.guildwars.com/support As it can take up to 24 hours to get a response. Indeed they might have a few more troubleshooting steps than we do. Of course still feel free to post here for more help.

    Did disabling ZA work at all?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micke
    hmm, where can i find the DMZ, are you talking about the netgear routers or is it in every routers?
    i don't have a netgear router, but a DMZ option is in every one.

    just go through each of the sections and look for the DMZ option, or
    "Demilitarized Zone", which is what it stands for.

    for example, i have a d-link router. my dmz option is in:
    advanced section > dmz

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    my solution

    i had the same problem, err=5. connected to anet fine but couldn't get past login. tried all kinds of fixes and opening ports in router. in the end, i just installed/reinstalled the game and it worked fine. my suspicion is that by using alt-f4 to quit gw the nite b4, i borked a socket and the game wouldn't connect the next day. gluck, hope this helps.

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    it didnt even work with the DMZ

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    jikdoc are you saying that i shall alt + f4 or that i shall not

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micke
    jikdoc are you saying that i shall alt + f4 or that i shall not
    If I read correctly, you shouldn't alt+f4. Try uninstall/reinstall like jikdoc suggests, maybe it'll set something back to default.

    Out of curiousity, how many other pcs are connected to the router?

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    i got one more that is connected
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    Quote Originally Posted by Micke
    i got one more thst is connected
    If possible, you might want to try to install GW on it and see if it connects.

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    hehe ok, but that computer wont handle to play it

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