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    "Upgrading" your account usually means you pay the provider more money in return for more bandwidth and privileges, but this is more often meant for a business than an individual, and is rather expensive in turn.

    It's just barely on the acceptable side of 'scam', I think. They put up a security bulletin full of specious reasoning and block all kinds of ports and services unless you pay extra cash for a business account.

    Mine, for instance, isn't too bad. They block port 25 in AND out (email), port 80 in (http), 20 & 21 in (FTP), and a handful of other service ports. They limit my upstream bandwidth to a measly 45 Kbps. BUT, if I pay a lot more for a business account, then I can run whatever servers and use whatever e-mail services I want, with a much higher upstream bandwidth. 45 Kbps is barely enough to run an Unreal Tournament server, and not even that at times if I have more than one outside player. =(

    Did removing the router + rebooting the modem work?

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    In looking at the image you posted on ImageShack, I see that the email address you're trying to provide it is:


    This doesn't appear to be a valid email address. I'm kind of shooting in the dark here, since I would hope that GW would return a different error message, but are you sure that's the correct email address you signed up with? An email address is usually <somename>@<domain>.<com|org|net>. An example would be foo_user@bar.com

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    Quote Originally Posted by samarium
    Perhaps, just perhaps, your ISP is blocking port 6112 outbound. They really shouldn't be, but if NONE of your systems can connect even with Zone Alarm deactivated and port forwarding turned off (forwarding port 6112 to your machine wouldn't help in this case - 6112 is outbound traffic. The port the server sends information BACK to you is randomly chosen >1024)

    ISPs often block certain types of traffic at their borders for 'security' reasons (usually inconvenience - if you need this traffic, you'll have to upgrade your account! $$$$$$! omg!)

    Just a thought. Entirely deactivate ZoneAlarm (close the process... check for other firewalls too, like the XP firewall), unplug your cable/dsl modem, plug your PC right into it (take the router out of the picture), power the modem back up, wait for negotiation, and then try to play again.


    P.S. You have to unplug the modem before you switch up the connections. It's bound to one specific MAC address at a time. Unnecessary information - just unplug the modem first, THEN switch connections, THEN plug the modem back in.

    I researched this a little bit a while back (about ISP blocking certain ports) and 6112 is default port of a popular Peer to peer program. My ISP actively blocks port 80 outbound as its eula specifically disallows running websites/servers from home accounts, and it is also a security fix for people running servers who cannot setup thier security properly.

    I have aslo heard that people have connection issuesw with a certain isp you have over there. Sorry I cannot provide a link to it, i never saved the bookmark it was just interesting at the time. Maybe someone on these forums will know the name of that ISP. you should post it here also i might remember it if i read it again. :P
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    Yet another Err=5 thread

    I'm using a wireless connection that goes through a D-Link DI-713P router. I have tried forwarding port 6112 to no avail. However, I am able to download patches and connect to plaync's http servers. I have also given the game full privileges from my firewall.

    All suggestions are helpful.

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    Might be that your firewall is recognising a previous version of the game. Try deleting your firewall entry and making a new one for the new and patched executable.

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    Just delete anything that hints directly to port 6112 in the router.
    Forwarding is not necessary. You are connecting to their game server, not their gameserver to your client.

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    Actually GW support recommends opening both incoming and outgoing. Although people who have port 6112 blocked are able to get a clean stable connection.
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    Actually I think some of this mess with all the forwarding stuff is that "opening" part.

    Opening & forwarding is two different things.

    Forwrding is telling grabing somethin on port X, sending it to IP Y on port Z
    Port Z usually is identical to port X.

    The problem here is that it (on most 95%) of routers, this forwrding makes it ionly possible for one computer at one time to play this game behind this router. (unless you have a router #2 behind this router #1 where all is forwarded, with the computers placed behind router #2)

    On my setup any externally connection on port 6112 is blocked, while any connection internally passes thru. We have been playing with two PC's and two accounts at the same time. And the last 2 Weeks I havent had any Err=5 or Err=7.
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    can't connect err=5

    Can anyone able to connect GW now? I was disconnected 7 hours ago and i had check my internet connection its working fine so does my network card and everything is new. It just wont let me connect :( can anyone help? It says err=5 and i check with gw support it says i have firewall blocked but i didnt on firewall!!!! im using a eternal cable connection. No routers.
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    Do you have windows XP? If you do, check your Windows firewall setting.

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