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    the NEW map project. thanks moomanibe!

    The NEW Map Project. thanks moomanibe!
    looking at moomanibes incredibly impressive map, loved and used by hundreds if not thousands of guild wars players daily, one cant help but wonder how much bandwidth the 5MB JPG eats up as people reload it through IE constantly. and by the amount of hosts its gone through already, it gives a pretty good idea.

    so, i have taken it upon myself, being given the consent of mooman, i have created the map viewer program, in the hopes of cutting the bandwidth usage of the map by a lot. simply by forcing people to use an exe rather than the jpg through IE and thus you only download once, cutting bandwidth by a lot.

    At the moment, i have a finished version. albeit basic, its good enough for release for testing. it doesnt exactly take long to code. testing on my own machine i see no major problems with it whatsoever, and while it has a tendancy to eat up a bit of ram, it eats no more (slightly less infact) of what the map eats when being loaded in IE. but thats windows' fault, not mine.

    now, before i release this i have sent it to mooman for his opinion on it. he will ultimatley decide what happens to it or not, as he does all the effort, i just do handfuls of coding.

    i will however release the screenshot of what it looks like running on my own desktop. please feel free to comment your opinion on it and mention what you think needs changing/doing here in this thread.


    the viewer is 1024x768 in resolution and my desktop is at 1600x1200.

    also the map used in the viewer is an old one as the mirrors are down so i cant get the elite skills maps. or the individual location maps. rest assured, these WILL be added as soon as i get my hands on them to add.


    and yes i know there already is an executable map laready available, but it needs a 30MB .net framewrok just to run, and it has all this other crap built into it. this is intended as a "no frills" version, friendly for modem users and the likes. and people obviously not wanting to install the .net framework.

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    I look forward to it. The first map is like a bible to a lot of people; this could be a very interesting and helpful remake.

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    Gwfreaks.com - its already been done (but with tons of features)... and its only 4.7mb

    Also most legit windows xp users already have the .net framework so this isn't a problem.
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    most "legit" <-- xp users :)

    anyway ill be doing a linux version when i buy a new PSU for my linux machine. dont switch the viltage to 110v and swtich it on to see what happens.

    i had to buy several new lightbulbs as a cause of my house being fused. and my PSU managing to put a scorched dent in the case.

    and its always nive to have an alternative. so far on a bunch of forums ive been getting mainly positive feedback for this project, so it looks good for me continuing on with it.

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    also btw mine is 4.7MB

    the filesize isnt the actual code, its just the sheer size of the map. being over 8000x6000

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