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View Poll Results: Should GW stop users from selling on eBay?

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  • Yes, it's not good for GW's economy!

    113 67.26%
  • No, it doesn't bother me, let them make money!

    49 29.17%
  • Other, and I'll post why.

    6 3.57%
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    GWOnline.Net Member

    No one will pay that price for that sword. You did notice it had no bids right? I can sell my toenail clippings for 15 grand, doesnt mean anyone will buy em :)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Vyper's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by bruenor
    I thought of this the other day while pondering this issue: GW is free to play, no monthly fee. So people who are used to paying $10-$20 a month for their MMORPG's now aren't... to them $10 or $20 bucks once every couple of months for an item or gold is no big deal... and actually a good deal. If anything GW makes this a bit easier for players to pay RL money for items, which is why selling items is even more degenerative to the model than EQ or WoW.

    Finding a way for those people to pay AN is the smart thing here, it helps them defray costs and removes this "grey" market from being an issue without running around policing ebay and the likes.
    I don't think AN selling gold would make anything better.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Red Acid's Avatar



    I really don't understand people that give real life money for this items because what if you lose them, what if you get hacked, what if ....
    this has to be separated and can't go together !!!!!
    I definitely am FOR this !!!

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    Logically it all comes down to time and how much is your time worth? How much do you value your spare time? If you have a lot of spare time and don't value it highly then the idea of buying items/gear/stuff probably looks like something an idiot would do.

    But if you value your spare time very highly, then you're more inclined to view purchasing things as a means of maximizing your gametime. Personally I usually put a $12-$15 value on my spare time. If there's a task that'll take an hour, then finding someone to do it for me for $15 is worth it. It might be worth it for $20, if it's really irritating. More than that and it's worth it for me to do it myself. Some people value their spare time higher, or lower, and it's all an individual decision.

    But that is what's driving the whole Ebay thing. People trying to maximize their gametime by spending the money to avoid the timeconsuming nonsense. This is why people can make money being professional powerlevelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyper
    I don't think AN selling gold would make anything better.

    Frankly I don't think there would be a market for AN gold at all. People would be buying specific items, not gold. Why bother buying gold and then having to hunt down those specific desired items?

    Heck it took me a few days to finally track down a Major Swordsmanship rune, and that was a real pain.

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    The point of playing a game should be time consuming. To actually pay someone else to play the game for you, {In essence buying gold or items with real cash, or leveling for you even} Is bogus, stupid and pointless.

    I bought GW to PLAY myself. Not so anyone else could find all the items and save up gold just for me to use. I did. I bought the game to play with my friends and to get the commaraderie that you can only find with your best online friends in the heat of a battle.

    Buying items for cash screws over all the others who work hard for the stuff they have, the cost of things is being driven higher, just because people can buy it for cash. Someone talking about selling a major vigor rune for 60k... *laughs* Ha... fricking rediculous when I know major's don't go for more than 2k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vyper
    I don't think AN selling gold would make anything better.
    Geez... do you honestly think I meant AN should sell gold? Use some imagination, gold is the item used to get items... so make the actual desired item available somehow to those who just have to pay money for items. Or come up with a creative alternative that puts money into AN's hands and not Ebay and other gamers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afroloq
    Here is a fine line between aggravating and stupid

    click this link


    and post your reaction....
    That -10 ac makes that sword worthless.

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    Possible solution

    I believe that about 1.5 years ago there was a big cut on FFXI stuff being sold on ebay due to Square contacting E-bay and stating it was illegal and against the ToS that all the players agreed to. Ebay then pulled every FFXI auction (minus strategy guides) :happy34:
    If someone at AN tried the same thing, it may help cut back on it.

    Just my two cents on the subject.

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    I say if people have the money and can afford to pay real money for ingame items then so be it. At the end of the day every charecter can only equip one set of armor, one weapon and one focus item/shield at a time. Also its not like you cant go out and adventure for it yourself. Does selling weapons on Ebay decrease the chance they will drop? No it doesnt. So all the time you spend crying people are selling crap on Ebay and how unfair it is you could be out there getting those same items for yourself for absolutely nothing. You are just as capable as anyone else is to go and get those items I promise. Yeah ok sure it may off balance the in game economy somewhat but so does all the farming and consequently the spamming that goes on. If anything I respect Ebay sellers more because at least they have the good manners not to spam what they have to sell in every town I come across. I cant tell you how sick I am of going into a town and seeing seeing a sea of red type and even when you turn it off they still spam on the regular chat channel too. I play to have a good time and I am not effected by what other people do with the items they have drop for them nor is anyone else. So in short while I may think it is silly to pay real money Im not going to cry about it and whine how unfair it is when it doesnt effect me one bit.

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