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    A Solution To cheap Spirits Build

    Tomb has been boring now with no output dmg spirit teams skipping from unworthy then leaving and try again to get a skip to HoH then once at HoH wait for blue team hero to die cap and mass spirits and hold HoH forever with no DMG output. A perfect example of this is Marvel Superheroes who keep trying to skip from unworthy to HoH. So my solution to this is that you can only skip at the Golden Maps so cheap ranger build like Marvel Superheroes will never make it to HoH.

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    I am largely against skipping maps for reasons like this. I know that the matching system needs to find groups quickly, but fighting the spirit team twice within 3 rounds, or just jumping to HoH is pretty lame, if you ask me.

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    that is so cheap i hate spirit builds

    i u go to tombs u will fight and lose against them

    i dont want to make a spirit build cause its so common and queer

    anet gotta do somthin

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    yeah that's pretty annoying

    a lot of teams will respec. their players though. for example, have smiters and monk secondaries bring healing seed, so if you take the alter they refund points into healing prayers. Personally, I don't think you should be able to refund attribute points once you have entered a mission, but it's only a minor concern.

    I'm more worried about spirit spammers in general and how they severely limit the number of usable builds.

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    spirit teams aren't impossible to knock off the altar of HOH. There are many ways of doing it.

    A lot of the people (xin and Error Seven, Drunk Guild) I know tend to use the common trick of stacking their spirits and themselves at the centre of the altar (body block) to prevent the opposing teams from capping. Try using AoE skills (cyclone axe can work, it will kill all those spirits at the centre), DoTs (i.e. poison or disease) w/ signet of humility on a potential martyr, and enchant removal (for healing seeded ghost).

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    i'm going to close this thread, because there are several threads open discussing spirit builds. It is always, ALWAYS better to post in an existing thread than create a new one. Remember that.
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