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    R/ME i need 3 dmg skills

    I need some advice on this build ...
    Currently runnin r/w...but i am gonna switch to mesmer sec (is it possible to switch classes before asending?). Basically I'm gonna run

    3 defense (super AC)
    Greater Conflagration (elite)
    Elemental Resistance or Mantra of Frost

    2 utility
    self heal and rez sig (must bring these in random 4v4)

    3 attack
    for PVP was thinking Conjure Phantasm + apply Poison + Hunter Shot
    for PVE Tigers Fury + Ignite arrows + Dual Shot

    I need advice on which 3 attack skills to bring..keep in mind my elite is already used so no quick shot or barrage.

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    my suggestion. Drop greater conflag
    drop winter
    drop mantra of frost

    reason? dead spirit = dead build = 3 useless skills.

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