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    Is 1.5k armor design different from 15k ranger armors?

    Is 1.5k armor design different from 15k ranger armors? Like which ones, because i know for warriors there are many differences with their 1.5k and 15k armors. What about for rangers. Like for the druids or drakescale? Thanks to whoever answers me. :happy34:

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    All of the 15k versions of Ranger armor are different in appearance from the 1.5k versions. To see the exact differences, you might want to look at this thread here:
    Hahnsoo's Collectors Guide (ver 0.13) and Ranger Guide (ver 0.60), updated for Factions
    Old Guides (Prophecies only): Mesmer Guide, Skills Guide
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    That should show you all you need to know.

    Edit: Man, hahnsoo beat me by a full minute. I need to type faster.
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    Thank you so much hansoo, you should be made into a moderator. You basically live here huh. :D

    EDIT: actually ummm do any of you know where i can see 15k armor AND 1.5k armor to compare them? :confused: :confused:

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