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    Fender Bender

    Me/R Fragility need help D:

    Well at first Energy denial mesmer seems fun but when i played with it a few times it just got boring, so i decided to switch my secondary.
    I tried warrior,nec,monk and they all didnt work for me so i try ranger now.
    Cuz i dont know a thing about rangers i searched a little and i liked the fragility Me/R that can deal lots of dmg.
    The problem is i dont know where to start so i really need help in showing me the way.

    Thx in advance,

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    I think you are looking for the build that hexes the target with fragility and pummels them with a low rank incendiary arrows for on and off burning, low level apply poison for on and off poisoning, or low level melandrus arrows for on and off bleeding.

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    Fender Bender
    yeah i do but this kind of build has any chance to actully work?

    3 spells are enough to actully dmg an oponenet?
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    Both incendiary and melandrus are elites so you get to choose one of them, probably incendiary....apply poison is a 3 second poison, so you are going to hav e to time your hits for maximum fragility damage.

    A more popular version is mes/ele you hex the target with a low rank mark of rodgort and fragility and you fire at them with a bow with a fiery string.it will do 60+ DPS roughly

    It works, but it isnt great. The problem with this build is its a one-trick pony. You will be totally useless without one of your key spells.

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    Fender Bender
    exept from fragility and those 2 skilles what other mesmer skilles should i use.
    maybe CP of even PP?
    i need smtg else that i can use with the build not only fragility.

    maybe domination/inspiration ? i just dunno what to do.

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    Besides fragility you can run other damaging spells i guess, your suggestion with CP and PP would work. As for a second attribute how about going for inspiration so you can work with a self heal (Ether Feast)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Saikyo's Avatar

    I ran into a mesmer using fragility + incidiary arrows in PvP today. It was okay, but he didn't seem to have much survivability. (Not too many mesmer do in Random I've noticed...) The fact that incindiary arrows only lasts for 8 seconds is a bit of a problem too as I noticed that this person would only switch to bows when using incindiary and then go back to cane and focus as soon as it wore off. It seems from this observation that energy is a bit of a concern when using a bow.

    So something to look at while improving this build would be energy management and survivability.

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    GWOnline.Net Member chin's Avatar

    well, as a fragility mesmer IMO i think ur going the wrong way :/

    i use 16 illusion 12 insp? and rest dom, no i dont care about fastcasting, my frag build takes 5 seconds and the person dies in 8 seconds usually

    conjure phantsm- 15 seconds of 5 degen, ouch thats 150 hp but around 80ish cause of the actual dmg
    Real Build
    Fragility- 36 dmg for conditions
    Phantom Pain- 3 hp degen+condition when it ends
    Shatter Delusions- 55 dmg, shatters pp so that makes it 91 dmg cause they now have the condition
    Virulence- adds 2 or 3 (not sure) conditions since the person already has one so thats another 72 or 106 dmg and after 3 seoncds (0 blood magic) thats another 72/106 dmg
    Hex Breaker- so other frag/energy drain mesmers dont own me ;)
    Energy Tap- 13 energy or something, helps a bit
    Ress Signet- Duh..

    i use those spells in order except Hex Breaker in beginning

    Me/R is kinda hard :/ you can do fragility with traps, apply psn, and arrows :/
    i was also thinking

    Me/E with mark of rodgort and flare for a constant flame on/off :P

    Me/W is good for illus. wep.

    Me/Mo for fastcasting heals?? i duno

    Me/N for frag ;)

    thats about it :P

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