There are 4 things that make me want to scream with this game but the one thing should be considered a bug, the other three are enhancements.
The bug in my opinion is when you are in a large scrum fighting a creature and another creature or one of your henchmen step partly in front of you, your character stops fighting and just stands there slackjawed. You have to click out of the battle, move around the character partly in front and back in to engage.

The other peeves are :

Invisible walls - bet you never hear the end of this one, a 3 foot ledge to where you want to go and you can't get there grrr

ISP interuptions - twice I have been within 100 yards of finishing a mission or quest and had my DSL drop, I have to start all over, would be nice to have saved locally as I went then updated the info when the connection was restored

Henchmen Stance - the henchmen always charge in like idiots and get themselved killed, especially the healer. I am the fighter and want them to hold back while I take the heat as I have all the armour. It would be good if I could instruct them on the stance/position I want them to take in battles.

It is a good game overall and I have been enjoying it to this point.