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    I agree with camping the king. I’ve done this mission about a dozen times. The first few times it was kinda tough with PuGs camping the doors and whatnot. Then when I brought my monk through I went with a PuG where I was the only healer and we only had 1 warrior. We decided to camp the king, since it would be tough to camp the two doors with that group, and we made it through the mission on the first attempt with no deaths.

    Since then I’ve always just camped the king. Ran it last night with 2 other guildies and 5 henchmen and it was a breeze.

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    Note: I have pulled the pictures due to bandwith issues. They are supposed to be hosting this guide soon, so hopefully it won't hurt anyone :)


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    GWOnline.Net Member Shade's Avatar

    With regard to the bonus (although it isn't the focus of this guide): lighting the beacons within the time limit (ie. before the "The end is here!" message) adds two groups of 2x Jade Armour and 1 Jade Bow to the first wave. Since you can mostly defeat the first wave with the ballistae (except the Jades, if present, and the east groups avoid the ballistae a little bit better), the bonus is not actually that hard!

    Your group must, of course, be competent enough to do the mission in the first place, which is why some might find it easier to do with henchmen rather than finding a real group to clear the bonus with.

    One word of warning: If you light one of the beacons within the time, but not the other, you'll get the extra group of Jades without the reward of completing the bonus. Either go for the bonus or don't; do not try to take a middle ground. :)

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    Edit to my previous post:

    Last night I ran the mission solo with all henchies and completed it first try. I was using a Me/N with Spiteful Spirit, Arcane Echo, Mark of Pain, Chaos Storm, Shatter Hex, Res Sig, & 2 capture sigs (in other words, it doesn't take much to complete this mission). I just camped the king as many people have noted is the easiest way to do this mission.

    It's really not a difficult mission and I think any class can do it with henchies. The problem PuGs have is you end up getting people that won't or can't work together in your group and then all hell breaks loose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Azmodion
    The problem PuGs have is you end up getting people that won't or can't work together in your group and then all hell breaks loose.
    "And that... is why you fail."

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    Heh, yes and all the more reason why PuGs should camp the king.

    Or, if you don't want to fail, just do the mission iwth Henchmen ;p

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    Stop me if you've heard this before (but I'm gonna rant it anyway). It annoys me to no end how I seemingly get passed over just because I'm a ranger. I've been running around SF and GF for a while now (with 4 henches cuz nobody wants me) and I clear them out just fine on my own. But drops are getting pretty bad so I decided to just proceed to ember light camp. So I'm in Thunderhead and I advertize "ranger lfg, uses chaos storm + barrage". I see a monk team leader advertize "group looking for 2 more who can listen to orders, preferably nuker and monk". I request to join his team. He just ignors me. Go figure. Same story with 3 other teams I tried to join. Come on. I mean you're looking for nukes, I chain chaos storm and barrage together. You don't get much more nuking than that and I can fire them off wayyyy faster than an ele and my barrage isn't confined to just 1 spot where the enemy might move. Plus I have the added bonus of distracting shot and cry of frustration to stop those pesky stompers that this level happens to be full of. I swear the ignorance of some people with the abilities of classes other than "tank, monk, or ele" just dumbfounds me to no end.

    So I say screw this and I take henchies into the mission. After running around in SF and GF, this mission was a total breeze. The stone summit here dropped like flies in comparison. And the white mantle...pppppttth pushovers. The only time my heart actually skipped a beat was when the Perfect Armour showed up near the end with a bunch of other minions and 2 of my henchies actually died (mehnlo and cynn, no surprise there). But other than that, mission was just too easy. So I say screw that newbie monk that wouldn't take me. In fact, I think I'll do the rest of the game with henches since they're far more reliable than the quitters I keep ending up with. Man this game makes me wanna sign up for anger management

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    Tried camping the king last night and things went poorly.

    Now I've only ever done this once before, and we did it the other way, and I was tanking, so I didn't get to see too much of what went on away from my doorway.

    We tried using the catapults at the start, but not ONE of the enemies ever stood in their range. Then, next thing we knew, we had about 12 giants/herders and a warrior boss attacking us simultaneously, and I don't need to tell you that all the non-warriors spent that fight more or less entirely grounded, and we died.

    When people say "camp the king" where do they mean for the group to stand? Which henchies/group functions should we prioritize? How do you deal with getting attacked from three stairs simultaneously?

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    GWOnline.Net Member raisins's Avatar

    Last night, I beat Thunderhead with henchmen on my level 16 Ranger :D. No trapping skills or anything, just straight 1 on 1 arrow type damage. I didn't expect to beat it, I just wanted to see how far I could go, and surprisingly, I did it :).

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    Well okay. Maybe I was a bit hasty when I stated that this mission was really easy. There is ONE condition I have run into that seems to make this mission next to impossible with henchies. Last night I tried to get my warrior to perdition rock. This should be a walk in the park I mean I have a nice shield, all my stuff is infused, I even have the razorstone so I should be invincible right? Well I'm camped at the king and waiting for these sucka mursatt and mantle to show up when who decides to come in fist? 7 giants and the wooly mamoth monk boss Bolis Hillshaker. JEEZE. Well actually that one was pretty easy. Thankfully the monk boss didn't cast Mark of Protection or that fight woulda gone on forever. And considering how a steady stream of enemies come in, speed kills is essential to winning. So that went alright. few more mantle and jade bows come in 2 at a time fine. So where's perfected armour so I can cap a tank skill? OMFG here comes the mursaat boss monk Durmatrois the Enduring. Just looking at the name.... Enduring.... I knew it was over. And it was. We tried to concentrate on one guy and the stupid monk boss just keep healing and healing while the damage to my party just kept increasing til it was just me left. Sigh. Of all the rotten luck.... 2 monk bosses in the last fight. WTF somebody at anet was having fun at my expense I swear

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