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    pricecheck - 2 items

    I know about the pricecheck thread but when I click on it, nothing happens. There must be some sort of bug, so I will ask my pricechecks here:

    1) [Gold] Icy Giant Slayers Hammer of Fortitude: cold dmg 19-35, dmg +13% in stance, health +25, req. hammer mastery 10


    2) [Purple] Flatbow of Enchanting: piercing dmg 15-28, dmg +11% while enchanted, enchantments last 13% longer, req. marksmanship 12

    I have no idea what's wrong with the thread, I can go to other threads fine just not the one I need! Might be some kind of setting, I'm using Mozilla firefox, maybe that's a problem, I don't know but I dont feel like getting into it!

    Thanks for the PC. :D

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    well i use firefox works fine for me

    hmm well the first one i would say 2,500

    and the sec about 1.800

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