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    Design SnowKissed an avatar contest!

    Hello folks! :happy05:

    I've been wanting to do this for a while, but chose to wait until an appropriate time. You'll notice the green-awesomenessness of my name. I'd say this is an appropriate time!

    Here's a chance for you to design an avatar for me and get a prize. IBeJebus was kind enough, and most generous, to offer up a black dye to the winner.

    I'm stealing ideas from Chantal here, so she'll have to forgive me :winking47

    I'll close the contest to entries on Sunday, August 21st. I will then pick the top five (if we get that many :p ) that I like the most and let you guys have a vote until the night of the 22nd, on which one I should use. (If there's a tie, I'll pick between the two)

    Things to keep in mind:
    • Appropriateness
    • Remember who I am : perky and I love purple. I need my purple.
    • Nothing too scary
    • I'm female
    • Legality - no breaking any copyright laws!
    • Be creative!

    summary: design an avatar for SnowKissed, win and get a black dye. Contest closes August 21st, poll will be up shortly after to vote on top five and will last up until Monday evening (the 22nd).
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    GWOnline.Net Member Dr No's Avatar

    Congrats on your greeness :happy34:

    A purple zebedee bouncing around (aka magic roundabout but not sure of copyright) - can't design one right now as at work till late :(

    Sorry for the double post :confused: , feel free to delete the one above.
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    Damn, Jebus... all of your contributing is making me look like a chump... :happy34:

    Anyways, I'm glad you let this run through the weekend Snow. Now I can devote the proper time to it...
    Perhaps the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others...

    A proud returning member of the Order of Dii
    Phaeax Of Dii (Tyrian Me/N) Alennia The Precise (Tyrian W/E) Arceloph The True (Tyrian Mo/P)
    Astraea The Swift (Canthan R/A) Sans Gravitas (Canthan Rt/N) Cryphaestus Dii (Elonian D/Me)
    Jenova Sans Seraph (Genesis E/D) Conjure Blame (PvP)

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    Thank you Dr No :happy05:

    If you want to make the prize a little sweeter, feel free to Phaeax. I would, but I'm poor. I might throw some runes into the mix once I get home.

    And that was the idea, gives folks who work during the day a chance to participate. :happy05:

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    Hey, thanks for giving a bored guy something to do. Doing a little photoshopping is alot more fun then being bored, wich I was doing before I was doing a little photoshopping. :D Here's my contender:

    Original size:

    What it will look like:

    Sadly, it doesn't look all that great when shrunk. So, if you think it's a possible contender, please tell me, so that I can edit it to look a bit better (make better use of the space etc.). No point in editing it now if ya don't like it, right :p

    Also, I'm absolutely clueless at how to properly compress a file without making it look like fecal matter. So if someone could tell me how to properly compress a file, please let me know.

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    If I could get this Avatar-sized, I would win for sure :lol: :

    For teh win!

    So here's my entry: Sleepytime Snowkissed!

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    Double-posted. Dang Lag.

    Anyway, nice entry Dakrath! :happy34:

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    ReZon you're evil :happy05:

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    Quote Originally Posted by snowkissed
    ReZon you're evil :happy05:
    Here's my runner-up entry, that I would have submitted, but decided against:

    Spring break. . . *sigh*

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReZon
    Here's my runner-up entry, that I would have submitted, but decided against:

    Spring break. . . *sigh*
    Wow...and I was worried about the "Appropriateness" of my entry. Dude :p

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