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    Me/Mo or Mo/Me for 2 man FOW forge possibility?

    Currently with a mes or a smite mo we can do the first quest quite alright with 2 of us (caster mobs never seen them went down that fast with mes :D ), but I was thinking if either of them have mo or me 2nd profession maybe 2 man run to eternal forge would be possible?

    Scorge healing + echo backfire + spellbreaker or hex breaker + energy drain/tap or chaos storm should be able to take down 2mes + 2mo group quite well

    Any thoughts?

    (PS and I think meteor shower is way overrated :p)
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    Quote Originally Posted by NTsan

    (PS and I think meteor shower is way overrated :p)
    You're not alone. I've been hyping Maelstrom over for weeks. Just tough to get people set in their ways (Fire Magic) to open their minds to change.

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    There are 3 mesmers (and a 2 mes 2 monk group, but they're seperable) in front of the forge. If you can take those, I don't think it'll be a problem, since the only thing handicapping the "invisi monk" is the shatters.

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