I find it interesting and entertaining to read your comments on this, thanx for some good input. :). I find my setup to be everchanging however, hehe, it really depends on how the team is constructed what spells to bring. I'm talking Tombs here, 8v8. Sometimes Healing Seed, P & H, ED even Backfire on some occations, hehe. It's quite funny to slap Bf on an unsuspecting monk quickly followed by Bane Signet. (yea they're both useless but having fun is what the game is about)

With regards to ressing i always bring res.sig and only that, my team knows that 1 ress is all they get from the monks (usually 3 of us), and that they will have to bring sigs too.

What many of the random pugs fail to realize is that the biggest difference is made by the caller! The caller can really make or break a group, i wish more ppl would devote time to practice their calling/targeting skills, that will give us monks a very good headstart.