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    Along the way, the Stone Summit dwarves have managed to enslave various races, including the new Dredge army and turn them to their evil task. One of the first missions players will have to embark on is finding a way into the Furnace to scout the place out for the Deldrimor. In order to do that, players will have to sell themselves into slavery. Normally, it would be a reluctant thing for players as slaves don't usually get to keep the things they've collected over time. But the Stone Summit have come up with some ingenious magicks called the Spirit Shackles that make it impossible for their slaves to do harm to their masters while still allowing them to carry out important tasks.

    The Stone Summit have made the Dredge their slaves

    Once shackled, players will have the run of the Furnace and be able to collect all kinds of information. In fact, because of the shackles, players will have the opportunity to talk to enemies for the first time and interact with them, even going so far as to accept quests from them. Eventually, plot twists and turns will change the landscape of the fiction and place heroes on the path to victory over the Stone Summit dwarves, but not without a serious fight.

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    Hebug, prepare to be disappointed about the difficulty of entering the Furnace. ANet has specifically said that the Furnace will be easy to get to AND have multiple entrances. However... they also said that the Ring of Fire is good 'preparation' for the Furnace. I imagine it will be quite rewarding for the skilled player... and that being ascended is at least, ALMOST a must, if not required.

    It will be interesting to see how ANet's words match up with their actions.

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    sorry for what might seema dobule post...

    but for thoose who have read wot the frog said.. SF is not for thoose u call "n00b" and you MAY try SF if your unaccended, but its advised against it... does this mean that accension actually has a meaning now.. :D :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hebug
    I just hope it is somewhere really hard to get to thus making it worth it for people who can actually make it.

    i thought they said it was gonna be easily accessable.

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    Oh well, I just plan on playing with guildies there anyways. I was hoping it would be hard to get to so that there would be a lower concentration of clueless players. It sounds like it'll be quite a unique experience. Well, now I know what I'll be doing after work tonight.

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    Other people's maps

    I went exploring with a guildie and close friend earlier. We've decided that's the spot.
    I haven't explored that "lost path" at lonars, but I wouldn't dismiss it.
    If I travel back to the footprint before the patch I'll definately take a screenshot of it. It does seem like a peak is missing from there, as it's actually a "dip" in the earth, where on the radar and map images you'd think it was a peak.
    Best you don't use other people's incomplete maps. There is no such thing as a lost path.

    The path you describe is an alternate road. It's there because the west path is filled with worm encounters. This east path however is filled with stone summit.

    Frankly because of the difficulty of Sorrow's Furnace, I wouldn't be surprised if the way to Grenth's Footprint was especially hard just to make sure that you know what you're getting into. So that would make the oddly small area of Dreadnought's Drift a much more likely candidate.

    Or of course the beautiful gate at the very south end of Lornar's Pass, with the statue of Grenth hidden inside. A dead give away if you ask me.

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    Im in so much of a dilema...where should i wait patiently for the update to be one of the first parties out there?

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    yes, what a brilliant idea, make it the statue that gives u access to the underworld, that almost anyone can get runners to from beacons?

    if anyone caught what the frog said today it would make it clearer that it will not be as easy as once thought...

    he said going throught he RoF missions would prepare you...
    and if anyone has read the ign report.... well, lets jsut say its got lots instore

    especially with teh permanent PVPX faction settings coming back, eventually

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    Stormbluff Isle

    Veritas Invictus [TRUE]

    You also have to keep in mind you are speaking of two different areas. While getting into Sorrow's Furance may be difficult, I do not think accessing Grenth's Footprint will be.
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    Actually from what I gather these two areas are connected to each other. So getting into Sorrow's Furnace requires you to enter Grenth's Footprint first.

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