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    Q: What's a good UW or FOW setup?

    What skills work best in UW or FoW for a warrior lvl20 W/MO or W/N. My poor fire blade hits for like 10 damage. Any tips for melee down there or is it un-do-able?

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    u can go for the normal builds (sever;gash;galrath;final) or u can go for the more evil thing ;P (smiting monk).

    BTW; r u sure u have the req for that sword? 10 dmg is really low ;\

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    Keep in mind the sceletons are immune to bleeding. Also you are not for the damage you do, you are there to soak damage. Any interrupt skill, one the bleeding+deep wound for shadow mobs, Some stances for self defense (from tactics line of skills), two skills for removing hex and conditions and off course - ress, Rebirth preferably. This is good for tank in FoW, for UW you need as much defense as possible, leave the nukers/smiters to kill, you'd hardly do it. Tho I feel Axe and Hammer better for FoW somehow.

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    My build that I use for my W/Mo for FoW/UW is:

    Heal Signet
    Endure Pain (Sometimes I switch it with Savage Slash for interrupt)
    Gladiators Defense
    Final Thrust
    Galrath Slash
    Thrill of Victory

    Attributes are Swordmanship-11(for my sword) Tactics-10 and Healing-8 for +3 Mending. If you have Defy Pain, that can very easily replace Endure Pain.

    I dont know, I seem to like this build. With some good monks backing you up, and some fast nukage, you should be fine. Hope it Helps.

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    Also you are not for the damage you do, you are there to soak damage.
    Very very true. This should be kept in mind for every skill you pick.

    For UW, take lots of stances. Shield and bonetti's are a must in the very least (the first for it's long duration, and the second because it has a very fast recharge time - My W (at 14 tactics mind you) gets it back before it runs out, giving permanent provided I don't use skills), and it's good to take Disciplined too (and on top of that, I take glad defence). Because unless you can block/evade enough attacks, there's not way you can tank well enough, and the monks will hate you. For FoW, as the damage is less extreme and there are more magical foes, it's not quite as important, but still somewhat necessary.

    I also take Hamstring and Savage Slash, the first in case a foe gets past at starts wailing on the monks, I can slow it giving chance for escape, and the second to interupt (especially on those terrorwebs).

    Finally, res of some kind is a must.

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    Here's my W/Mo FoW build. I have Full Droknars Knights Armor, a superior rune of vigor and absorbtion. Also, a fiery chaos axe of fortitude (+29) and an Aegis shield with +25 health while enchanted and -1 damage reduction:

    Cleave (elite)
    Penetrating Blow
    Executioner's Strike
    Power Attack
    Endure Pain/Bonetti's Defense
    Balthazaars Spirit
    Healing Breeze

    I immediately cast Balthazaars Spirit. Then just spam axe attacks. My basic purpose is to keep aggro away from Healers/Casters. Usually 2 or 3 good nukers can take down Monks/Ele/Mes fairly quickly while I'm hacking away at Warriors/Beasts. For Skeletons, I go in and help take out Icehands and Ether Breakers first. Then concentrate on Berserkers. Seems to work well for me.
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    these are the warrior builds i use for fissure and underworld:


    i normally play a W/Mo for fissure. theres a couple of things you need to take note of - (1) most of the enemies you will be fighting in fissure will be either undead or shadows. both take extra damage from any skill or weapon that deals holy damage (2) the biggest party killer is spiteful spirit so bring a hex strip and make sure in advance that nobody attacks whilst they are hexed by spiteful because it will hurt you all.


    strength: 14
    swordsmanship: 12
    smiting prayers: 10

    use superior strength not sword. ill outline why in a minute. i use this build with a major absorption rune, minor sword and superior strength rune.


    distracting blow (5 energy)
    savage slash (5 energy)
    pure strike (5 energy)
    power attack (5 energy)
    seeking blade (5 energy)
    flourish (elite) (5 energy)
    judge's insight (10 energy)
    smite hex/remove hex (5 energy)


    +6 monk focus (doesnt matter if its any higher because there is no smiting focus. therefore you can use a healing or protection focus but you will never get more than +6 energy from it)

    +5 energy sword (which you can buy from the weapon's crafter at henge of denravi

    full gladiator set (for an extra +7 energy)

    therefore you should have 38 energy with 2 pips of regen which is a good amount to swing around energy attack skills with.

    with this build im using all energy attack skills to get absolutely the most out of flourish. at 12 strength flourish recharges all energy attack skills and gives back 6 energy for every skill that is recharged in this way. the reason why you should use superior strength is that flourish will recoup 7 energy for each skill at 14 strength. also, power attack will do more damage and all attack skills benefit from slightly better armour penetration.

    you need to work out a rhythym for this type of build because if you stuff up your timing you will end up with 0 energy pretty quickly. typically i combo according to which has the longest recharge time first. i.e. ill start with savage slash (10 second recharge). often this interrupts an opening cast but if it doesnt its no biggie (it'll be recharged soon anyway). then ill hit pure strike (8 seconds), then power attack (5 seconds) then seeking blade (3 seconds) then hit flourish. at 14 strength this will take you back up to full energy. flourish takes 10 seconds to recharge, so i would hit seeking blade again straight away since its quick recharge, then combo again from savage slash. this should give you enough time for flourish to recharge so you can combo again.

    as long as you combo from longest recharge time to lowest recharge time, you should be able to flourish them all whilst they are recharging and get all your energy back. sometimes this isnt always possible (i.e. if you are half way through a combo when you kill an enemy) but the idea is to get as many skills recharging before you hit flourish to get as much energy back as you can.

    ok. once you have practiced a little and gotten the hang of endlessly comboing attack skills with flourish its time to add the icing on the cake. judges insight converts all your damage to holy damage and adds 20% extra armour penetration to all your attacks.

    this is pretty interesting because with this build you have alot of energy at your disposal as long as you keep track of what you are flourishing. at 10 smiting prayers you have 16 seconds of uptime with judges insight.

    ive power attacked a shadow monk for about 130 dmg and most of the other attack skills will do around that. you will be attacking at normal attack speed but every hit you land should be an attack skill and you should do over 100 dmg with each one. even if judges gets interrupted, the downtime is not long and you can still deal a guaranteed 30 dmg per hit near enough until you can recast judges.

    ive included remove hex/smite hex to strip spiteful spirit. thats the big one because if you just ignore it, it will tear your party to peices. you should sort out in your group a system of call signs or organise it over vent. the point is, whoever has spiteful spirit on them should STOP attacking and call the fact that they have spiteful on them. its better that they just stand around like a lemon than it is for them to attack and deal massive dmg to all party members nearby. then you should remove it whenever possible. normally, in the groups i played fissure with, we had multiple people doing this.

    the reason for using flourish and energy attack skills is so you can regain massive amounts of energy to constantly recast judges insight. you can drop flourish and go with adrenal attack skills in which case i would suggest using battle rage as your elite. i would probably respec all points in sword to axe and go mostly adrenal attack skills. you want 3 or 4 which should include executioners strike and penetrating blow. i would keep power attack as an energy skill which you can use to pad out your adrenal hits. keep judges and keep remove hex/smite hex. you will be doing a similar amount of damage. i would recommend equipping a focus that gives you +6 energy rather than a shield because it makes judges easier to recast. similarly, i would still use full glad set for the extra energy in order to keep this up.


    i use a very different build for underworld and i typically switch my secondary to mesmer so im playing a W/Me. the enemies in underworld typically hit harder and they rarely come in mixed mobs. usually you will fight groups consisting of the same enemy type. as a warrior in underworld, dont even bother thinking about dealing damage - its a waste of time because other classes - smite monks, elementalists will be able to deal a much greater rate of damage than you can and theres a good chance that if you get into a group there will be plenty of them around to do that damage.

    i normally just tank and body block in underworld and ive described a method of setting up a pull which works with this build. if you want to try this out you will probably want to read it. its somewhere in the pve forum if you can find it - the original thread was by synperp. ill see if i can dig it up later.

    mostly its the teambuild thats more important in underworld so alot of this build is designed to work with others. it doesnt stand up on its own. i ran this as the only tank in a group consisting of 3 elementalists, 1 prot monk, 1 healer and 2 rangers and we cleared most of underworld with it. the only quest we were unable to do was 'four horsemen' the chaos shrine quest. our group kind of disolved in late june in that anarchist duck doesnt play GW anymore, i moved out and im now on a 56k line. others like saiyr just moved on to different things like pvp play. that said, underworld hasnt changed much since then and our team build is still quite effective. underworld just requires organisation. thats it really. there are many different ways you can tackle it provided you all work out a teambuild in advance and you know your place in the team and what you have to do.


    illusion magic: 12
    inspiration magic: as high as you can get. i think 11 is all you can manage

    a major or superior absorption rune would be nice also although i didnt have either when i was running underworld.


    distracting blow (5 energy)
    savage slash (5 energy)
    flurry (5 energy)
    illusionary weaponry (elite) (15 energy)
    distortion (5 energy)
    energy tap (5 energy)
    mantra of flame/frost (10 energy)
    illusion of weakness (15 energy)

    you really want the maximum 44 energy with this build:

    +12 energy from a jeweled chakram
    +5 energy sword
    +7 energy from full glad set

    additionally, any weapon or off hand bonus whilst enchanted is helpful - my jeweled chak had +30 hp whilst enchanted. doesnt seem like much but ive been hit so my total hp were lower than 30 and survived so id say it helps. you should also have a sword pommel that lengthens enchantments by 20% or close to it. i have a 19% one which raises the I-Weapon uptime from 30 seconds to about 35 seconds. since the recharge time for I-Weapon is 40 seconds it means you have half the downtime. you can use that 5 seconds to energy tap and go again if you need to.

    you may also be thinking - this build is more mesmer than warrior - why not just build a mesmer instead? you would be right. in fact, you will probably find this build much easier to play with as a mesmer primary. a modified version of this build with a me/mo would be quite effective as a tank in underworld. in my experience, warriors arent really that useful in underworld and you only need 1 warrior per group, if that. a smite monk would probably be a better choice in my humble opinion, since a smiter maintaining all bonds (+ lvl 17 protective bond) wont really ever sustain damage whilst heal breezed.

    you wont be using all your skills at once - you have to be selective in what you use although this warrior build is designed to have a skill that helps with every encounter in underworld (including all the shrine quests - something an invinci monk wont be able to deal with).

    there is only 1 enemy type in underworld that can strip enchantments and that is the obsidian behemoth - which is fortunate because they cant even move. therefore, you can run as many enchants on you as you like - something about underworld which i think should be modified. that and level 17 protective bond. currently, the more enchants you run the better. if possible you want to run this build with a ranger who has specifically: symbiosis, choking gas and (if you are running mantra of frost) winter. the reason for running winter/mantra of frost is so you can survive the ice shrine quest: servants of grenth.

    with symbiosis, running I-Weapon, illusion of weakness, protective spirit and aegis on you will give you about 1250hp. the more enchants you have on you, the more hp you have, improving your tankability.

    you also have interrupts. both do not work with I-Weapon so dont even bother. use the interrupts on mindblades and so forth. i include I-Weapon/flurry for when the s**t hits the fan so to speak - you can deal some damage in an emergency if (for example) you set up a bad pull and baddies run for your teammates instead of you.

    mostly though, you just stay a full radar distance away from your party. monks in your team maintain protective sprit/protective bond on you and you aggro creeps and spam distortion to avoid getting hit. illusion of weakness will save you from a fatal hit and energy tap will help you out when you get mana problems. which you will at some point or other.

    note: since the invinci monk i havent bothered played uw with my warrior - it renders warriors pretty much useless. theres nothing you can do as a warrior here that a smite monk cant do and better. a smite monk would be a better tank as well. but this build nearly carried me to the end of underworld and has the skills needed to survive all the shrine quests (except four horsemen which i never managed to work out before i moved back onto 56k) as well as all the labyrinth reaper quests and all the shrine areas.

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