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Thread: E/R UW build

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    E/R UW build

    Hey all,
    After another frustrating uw experience with the chaos area of three billion mindblades, my guild are adjusting builds to help overcome the mesmer's constant interrupts and hexes.

    As well as dealing withthe mindblades, we also need to function throughout the UW.

    both can be used in the other role, but mainly, my current Idea is:

    For mindblades:
    Glyph of Concentration
    Choking Gas

    Rest of the Place:
    Res sig
    Glyph of Energy
    Meteor Shower
    Searing Heat
    Fire Storm

    it leaves out several of my usual skills and lacks self-heals, but looks like it might actually work against the things.

    Thoughts? Suggestions?

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    What attributes are you looking to use? From that, seems like you're aiming at Fire/Water/Energy Storage/Wilderness surv

    Seems OK to me, but maelstrom may not interupt some of the quicker of the mindblade's spells if the timing is out.

    As for the rest bit, maelstrom is help massively vs Terrorwebs, Searing Heat's ability to set foes on fire will get past the aataxe / whatever else's high armour, and meteor shower's knockdown could prove handy too.

    Personally, I'd drop choking gas for either a heal spell (troll unguent would be good, otherwise Aura might work.) or you could bring along glyph of sacrifice and let fly a powerful spell (eg, meteor shower) at the start of the fight for a nice little opening gambit that should give your party time to get into place and be ready. I say this because you've already got maelstrom to throw out some interupts, and to keep CG at effectiveness you'll need to be attacking for the duration, time that could be spent throwing some mighty spells - remember, you are the elementalist.

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    Attributes are Fire/ES/Wilderness focus, IIRC 16/11/10. Maelstrom's length isn't level dependant and it isn't the damage I'm interested in.

    CG was incase for some reason Mael failed, or runs out at a critical point, as our usual uw group doens't have a primary ranger I was the only person who could try CG.

    This is by no means my usual build, I usually replace the mindblade section with Fireball, Serpants Quickness and Healing Spring (casters who group together like the over time healing all around them).

    What are your thoughts at Rogdorts invocation vs Searing heat? Maybe dropping in incendary bonds instead of fire storm too...

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