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    So what will become of your Monk after the inevitable "invincimonk" nerf?

    For my own part, I'm still deciding whether to go back to the protector/healer I was before I started solo farming, or deleting the character to start a new class altogether (a Necromancer might be fun, but it might be redundant since I also have a Me/N - perhaps I'll make a Warrior since I deleted my original one).

    What do you think you all will choose to do?
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    I have had this monk since April 27th, and still use it as my main character to date. It is able to run as a 16 Smiter or a 16 Protector and even a 16 Healer in PvP and PvE things, it is by far, more useful than most monks on the market today. It has a normal armor set to do regular things, and a 15AL Sup Rune set for the farming, since Farming is going to be reduced via solo monking, then I guess I can run another variant (see below)

    All I need to do to make someone take very little damage, is run 16 Protection:
    Essence Bond Teammate = +1 energy per hit.
    Protection Bond Teammate = 5% of 480 = 24 HP max taken.
    Life Barrier Teammate = 52% less of 24 HP = 11.52 taken elemental.
    Life Bond Teammate = 50% less Physical of 11.52 = 5.76 from physical.'
    Use 16 Prot and +1 20% for the -1 energy.

    Said Teammate Succors me for +1 energy regen.
    I cast Mending at +4 regen on him.
    He casts Watchful Spirit on Self: +2 regen more.
    Essence + Balth Spirit = 2 energy per hit for self.

    Using a monk as a life battery and the elementalist being able to nuke constantly, moreso damage than a monk can do.

    Since I am not using Prot Bond on myself, it may just be changed to 'Other Ally' instead of 'Target Ally'. And this is my alternative if some skills are tweaked, but these left behind.
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    So is it going to be target other ally? I can't wait to see the official changes laid out for us. I hope they don't just say "changed _____" and leave it at that. Having to crunch the numbers per attribute level will be a pain unless someone at these fansites is quick on the ball with refunds to test everything out and record it for us.

    Whatever the case, I'll probably do the same as above poster. That was actually catching on (2-3 man smite runs) before the invinci build went mainstream. Tank someone out and let the nukers drop the bombs.

    I haven't been soloing with my monk anyway. Don't really need to farm much anymore because I already got the things I need. Last thing I was doing was going on 3 man runs through FoW and UW with guildmates. Soloing got boring fast.

    Originally I was primary healer/warder, then moved to invinci with 2nd set of clothes for protection monk. Now I'll probably just be protection.

    On a side note, does the above work in regards to what you said about prot bond and prot spirit working in conjunction?
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    I hope they alter the UW creatures instead of the skills the monk has.

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    Well UW is only one area. They would need to alter a whole bunch of different areas to nerf solo farming completely. It is much easier to just nerf one-two skills to break the build.

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    Warriors and Ele's have been soloing forever. Why can't monks farm solo? I do think that the UW will get changed (as being unkillable defeats the purpose of the place), but I don't see how they could change the skills.

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    I dont think its gonna be Nerfd soon,but if it was,I created my monk for healing anyway.So i`d go back to being a healing monk :bow:

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    My monk farms, but I don't use the Invinci Monk build, and I doubt they will nerf the build I use because it doesn't involve getting your health low or Protective Bond or anything.

    If somehow my build did get nerfed, it wouldn't be a big deal. I play with my monk normally also. Farming is just a side endeavor.

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    Thumbs down Hrm...

    Well that whole thing pisses me off because i just got GW about a month ago and i heard about the invincimonk! I thought to myself "That would be a good way to make money, i thing i will make 1." So......you know.....i made one, but he SUCKS! i started asking around about it and found out i was doing it wrong, i finally mastered it and now the are changing the uw skills?!?!? THAT JUST MAKES ME MAD!

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    With all the monk and mesmer skills unlocked and learned on my monk now, and two skill points sitting around, my days of invinci-monking are done. In fact, I'm already back to heal/protect hybrid.

    Good while they lasted... I enjoyed getting exp in record time and getting skill points ;D
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