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    Healing Monk Elites

    Hello all, this is my first post in the Monk forum, so hopefully this hasnt been asked and answered. I did a search, and got no results.

    I am lvling my healing monk (not an invinci-monk, how rare is that these days?), and I'm not terribly impressed with any of the healing/divine favour elite skill discriptions. I wouldn't be adverse to a Protection elite, however most of my skill points are in healing.

    My question is, what monk elite (non-smiting) do you use, and why do you use it?

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    GWOnline.Net Member Scol's Avatar

    For me, I use either Peace and Harmony, or Word of Healing. Nothing really else appeals to me when I go primary healing.

    ADD: Forgot reasons.

    Word of healing, good heal @ 5 energy. Easily replaces heal other, especially when the condition is met... With DF and/or Divine Boon, this and orison will be even greater.

    Peace and Harmony, energy is always a good thing.. the more the merrier. Though you can't attack, no big deal. Not like your hits are devastating. The extra arrow does help and long duration too.
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    GWOnline.Net Member spectorz's Avatar

    Healing hands, P&H, word of healing, sheild of regeneration are all nice skills to look into.

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    Word of Healing. Without it, Dwayna's Kiss and Orison of Healing are the only two effective low-energy heals you have, and they cannot be spammed without delay. With Word, you can cast all 3 one after another with no delay, which you often have to do in less than perfect groups, or groups with "healing" monks that would rather bring things like condition/hex removal than other, more effective spells. Word's bonus, when it kicks in, is really great, too.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    word of healing is by far the most powerful healing spell in this game behind seed.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    MArk of Protection is a lovely skill although it has some problems with recharge. Especially nice for GVG when you use a person to cover your Guild lord. Mark of Protection can take the Guild lord back up to max(from a low health) in a matter of seconds. Healing Seed can bea nice combo with it since it does something similar. Nullifying damage on multiple teamates really pisses off the other team :).

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    GWOnline.Net Member aya pe 001's Avatar



    if i wanted to use a monk eilite then id pick aura of faith

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    Yeah, I've found that aura of faith, plus healing seed, and dwayna's kiss is a pretty good combo for the arenas. Not so sure about how well it would work in tombs (and given the enchanment busting being more prevelant anyways, especialy with natures), but I'm sure it wouldn't be that good.) But I've just been playing around with it lately and it's sure fun to be at half health, pop a single touch and negate all that damage in one little stroke.

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    Mo Primary: P&H or WoH. Anything else just isn't maximizing your task IMO.

    Mo Secondary (prot): Shield of Regen

    Mo Secondary (heal): First off, why? Use Mo Primary if you want to be a healer for the Divine Favor bonus.

    Mo Secondary (smite): Shield of Judgment

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    Healing hands, IMO, is only good for W/Mo's, or solo non-invinci monks.

    Peace and Harmony is a great spell. Every 3 seconds is another point of energy that you wouldn't have regulary. That means if you have a minute long duration P&H, you gain an extra 20 energy. That's a lot.

    Word of Healing is also a very good spell. Use this in conjunction with Divine Boon, and you have yourself an extremely powerful 7 energy heal.

    If you have the divine favor, spellbreaker is a powerful spell that is GREAT against air spiker teams. Two monks with spellbreaker can enchant 2 people. Since they are usually the targets, you can laugh as 6 eles try to deal about 1000 damage on you and fail, then proceed to stomp them.

    Unyeilding Aura is a fun spell to play around with. Again, divine favor, but you only need 4 to prevent failure. Use it with a death nova necro team to create walking time bombs. Ahh, what a blast.

    Most people hate it, but restore conditions is an EXCELLENT spam heal. Combined with, say, 10 divine favor and 12 in protection, a player with only 2 conditions would be healed 196. You KNOW you're gonna fight ranger teams in PvP. May as well take this and spam it for it's worth.

    Mark of Protection pretty much is a 10 second long reversal of fortune. Useful in PvE because mobs don't have the AI to stop attacking you. Bad in PvP, because as soon as someone realizes it's active on you it's gonna get stripped or they'll just ignore you.

    I haven't ever used Shield of Deflection, but it seems to be a little to costly to be used. Most classes can get a 50 or 75% chance to dodge/block an attack for less than 15 energy. On the bright side, it gives you +22 armor at 12 prot. That means you take about 3/4 normal damage.

    Shield of Regeneration is an INCREDIBLE PvE spell. At 12 protection, you gain 10 seconds of 9 health regen (180 health total) and +40 armor. +40 armor = half your normal damage. However, again, in PvP powerful enchantments are stripped in an instant, so it limits their usefulness.

    Martyr sucks. If you could pair it with restore conditions, it would be godlike. But you can't. Instead, you are forced to take purge conditions. Since conditions are usually stacked so fast anyways, the 30 second cooldown on purge aint' gonna cut it.

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