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    Could someone post the text of the changes here

    My ebil work servers have blocked the guildwars web site and I can't see the changes that are being implemented.

    Would some kind soul please post them rather than a link.

    thanks much.

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    Try the search or try visiting the 10 threads that were started by people who can't search and had the list posted there.

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    Entropius has it.
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    all of the links that have been provided are blocked for me, and no one has posted the full text, thus my request.

    Thank you.

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    Skeptic: I'm Galen ingame -- think you healed for me and my guildies last night. Thanks!

    # Nature's Renewal: no longer removes all Hexes and Enchantments when cast; doubles the cost of maintained Enchantments

    # Fertile Season: reduced duration to 15..45 seconds

    # All Spirits: Spirit effects no longer affect other Spirits (example: Fertile Season no longer adds Health and armor to other Spirits); also, when a Spirit is cast, it destroys all other allied Spirits of the same type within its range

    # Meteor: lowered Energy cost to 5

    # Fireball: lowered Energy cost to 10 and recharge time to 7

    # Chain Lightning: increased cast time to 3 seconds; decreased damage to 10..85; lowered maximum distance between targets

    # Draw Conditions: added 1 second recharge time

    # Divine Boon: added 1 second recharge time

    # Putrid Explosion: increased recharge time to 5 seconds

    # Panic: increased duration to 10..25 seconds; increased AOE to "nearby foes"

    # Spinal Shivers: increased duration to 10..40 seconds

    # Dwarven Battle Stance: increased duration to 5..11 seconds

    They specifically mention that this is just a sampling, and that QZ was changed somehow too.

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    I wonder how many others they tweaked.
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    Thanks Galen, and I'm pretty sure that wasn't me as I was in HoH most of the night playing a soon to be nerfed air ele (I like fire better anyways!)

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    I guess page 2 is a little far for you to travel still aint that what search is for ?.

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