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    W/Mo Running Build.

    Well just thought i'd post my build for droknars runs:

    Charge [ELITE]
    Balanced Stance
    Defensive Stance
    Purge Conditions
    Healing Signet
    Healing breeze

    Healing Prayers - 9
    Stength - 10 + Major Rune = 12
    Tactics - 9
    Swordsmanship - 9

    You dont really need swordsmanship, you could take points out of that and put it in tactics.

    This build does work as your can see:

    Let me no what u think :D

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    thats a good build but i use "To The Limit!" and Rush instead of Healing Breeze and mending

    ill hafta try urs out looks like it would work very well

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    Come on ppl, 150+ views and only 1 comment!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJed
    Come on ppl, 150+ views and only 1 comment!
    It's cool to see what the Pros use - can you send a pic with your run route? I'd like to try it just for fun. :)

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    Just a little more info:

    Level: 20

    Strength: 12 (9+3)
    Swordsmanship: 9 (8+1)
    Tactics: 9 (8+1)
    Healing Prayers: 9

    - Sprint (Strength)
    For 13 seconds, you move 25% faster.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:0 Recharge:20

    - "Charge!" [Elite] (Tactics)
    For 9 seconds, all allies in the area move 25% faster.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:0 Recharge:20

    - Balanced Stance (Tactics)
    For 16 seconds, you cannot be knocked down and you do not suffer extra damage from a critical attack.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:0 Recharge:30

    - Defensive Stance (Tactics)
    For 9 seconds, you have +24 armor and you have a 75% chance to evade melee attacks. Defensive Stance ends if you use a skill.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:0 Recharge:45

    - Purge Conditions (Monk other)
    Remove all conditions from target ally.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:0.25 Recharge:30

    - Healing Signet (Tactics)
    You gain 108 health. You have -40 armor while using this skill.
    Energy:0 Cast Time:2 Recharge:4

    - Mending (Healing Prayers)
    While you maintain this Enchantment, target ally gains 3 health regeneration.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:2 Recharge:0

    - Heal Area (Healing Prayers)
    Heal yourself and all nearby creatures for 120 health.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:1 Recharge:5

    i change healing breeze for Heal area seems to work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJed
    Come on ppl, 150+ views and only 1 comment!
    I never tried to customize my status bars ,glad I looked though cause I like that better than the standard one,I'm not into running people though.

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    I prefer ranger running skills, such as storm chaser and dodge for the extra sticky situations.

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    You have a sword equipped and an axe on switch. The Axe from the Henge of Denravi Weapons/Crafter has a base +25 health, and you can put a fortitude mod over that. Even a base +20 nets you +45. Even if you had a +20% enchanting pommel on your Sword you probably don't cast breeze 10 times the entire run, so the extra life is the stronger choice.

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    :happy65: cool but wat shield and wep u using and runes,,, :confused:

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