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    Elementalist build

    Hey there, new user here, browsed for a few weeks, just decided to register :happy34:

    Level: 20

    Energy Storage: 12 (11+1)
    Earth Magic: 16 (12+4)
    Air Magic: 7 (6+1)

    Stoning (Earth Magic)
    Stoning strikes for 95 earth damage if it hits. If Stoning hits a foe suffering from weakness, that foe is knocked down.
    Energy:15 Cast Time:1 Recharge:5

    Enervating Charge (Air Magic)
    Target foe is struck for 26 lightning damage and suffers from Weakness for 12 seconds.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:1 Recharge:8

    Gale (Air Magic)
    Knock down target enemy for 3 seconds. This spell causes Exhaustion. With less than 4 in Air Magic, this skill has a 50% chance to fail.
    Energy:5 Cast Time:1 Recharge:5

    Aftershock (Earth Magic)
    Nearby enemies take 105 damage. Knocked down characters suffer 71 additional damage.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:0.75 Recharge:10

    Armor of Earth (Earth Magic)
    For 30 seconds, you gain 63 armor, but move -11% slower than normal.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:0.75 Recharge:15

    Aura of Restoration (Energy Storage)
    For the next 60 seconds, you are healed for 350% of the energy cost each time you cast a spell.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:0.25 Recharge:20

    Ether Renewal [Elite] (Energy Storage)
    For the next 10 seconds, each time you cast a spell, you gain 4 energy and 17 Health for each Enchantment on you.
    Energy:10 Cast Time:1 Recharge:30

    Resurrection Signet ()
    Resurrect target party member. You can only use this skill ring once per mission.
    Energy:0 Cast Time:3 Recharge:0

    It is a knockdown build, to disruput any caster. Start off by casting Aura + Kinetic armor. Get near to your target, and smack them with Enervating Charge + Stoning to get them on their ***. Immediatly get off gale + aftershock. Thats about four seconds on their *** doing nothing. By this time, you can follow the combo up again. Then use Ether Renewal before you run out energy, as you have three enchantments running, thats 12 energy gained for a spell. Sure, some spells cost more, but it should let you carry on interupting things.

    And a monk on their *** for about four seconds? It makes the opponents Something to worry about, as in Teams, thats no healing, and in Tombs, its down to only one healing monk (unless you manage to get their proection monk).
    It could be good, as long as the exhaustion doesnt catch up with you.

    Also the damage should easily half someones life bar:
    Enervating - 26
    Stoning - 95
    Gale -
    Aftershock - 105+71
    Total - 297
    And as long as there is something else smacking the target, it should be dead after one combo.

    Any thoughts/critism?
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    instead of Kinetic/aura Id go armor of earth/Earth attunment

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt Kenshin
    instead of Kinetic/aura Id go armor of earth/Earth attunment
    You might have posted while i was editing, armor of earth is in.
    As for earth attunement...it could work. Im going to test both when i finally get aftershock.

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