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    Mon ... Tuesday Poll!

    A new poll is now up on the right hand side of the GWO homepage (www.gwonline.net), asking you what you thought of the faction gain rates we saw during the PvPX weekend. Please use this forum to discuss your opinion and why you feel the increased rate was better or worse, why and how you think the current gain rate should be changed.
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    I was able to unlock 3 elites during the weekend. Its the best ''buy'' i ever made with faction, cause i never had enough before. It is a good/perfect rate, in my opinion as a casual player.

    Now that its normal again, i cant even ''buy'' a regular skill after 2 days ... :(

    I hope they change it back to the PvPX rate !!

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    I was also not happy when it went back to pre PvPx levels, there seem to be little reason to go into the random arenas now.
    I think it should be increased from its current level, but not to the PvPx level so I voted for Better but too fast.
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    The Pvpx faction I felt was spot on :) it took the appropriate amount of time to unlock skills.

    Any longer and it's too grindy... actually after pvpx I immediately stopped playing pvp for a while due to the fact it too far too long to unlock skills (obviously 5x longer)

    I more than doubled my faction at the event and it was lots of fun. I sure do hope they introduce accellerated faction earning soon... pre-pvpx faction is such a disappointment.

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    I dont know... Its a tough call really. Too high and everything will be unlocked too quickly, too slow and it just gets dull. The current level of faction is wayyyy too low.
    I guess the 5 times rates were pretty close to what it should be. Although probably only 5 times for random and team arenas. Hall of Heroes and Guild Battles supply plenty of points already. Maybe make HoH and GB 2 times rates.

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    I don't go PvP at all in the past. Since I saw my guild friend just earn 2,000 from one night of PvP, I said to myself "why not", I earned about 10,000 from two day PvP, even forgot to spend them after reaching the max :winking47 but it was the fun weekend.

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    i got 4k, and it will sit forever on my chars. we did a bunch of guild battles for fun, but faction is meaningless to me as all my chars are RP chars :(

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    I think that the pvpx rate was perfect. It got more people interested in earning faction. I earnt abotu 7K faction in an evening, but I only spent it all on mods for weapons- i like to use the character creation screen to look at and plan which skills are missing to be captured etc.

    (only missing 6 skills on my warrior, and I don't think I really want any of them)

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    I found the rate at which i was gaining faction wayy to fast i think i unlocked about 7 elite skills that weekend(but maybe that was because i participated in about 30 GvG's our guild did) so i think it should be just a tad slower

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    Faction speed

    I think it was going up too quickly, yes, it is good that it gives the chance to unlock new skills, but it made PvP far to easy, with newbies scrambling for Faction Points for their Pre-Set chars. I was suprised, considering I thought my PvP was quite bad, to be winning 30-40 games consecutivly in Team Arenas. I think Faction should be set at rates in between the two present, like, an Individual Kill about 10 Faction.

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