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    DirectSong music expansion

    I bought the collectors edition music from www.directsong.com thinking it would install into gw and i could listen to it whilst playing.

    Although it doesnt have any installation instructions. Wondering if anyone has had any experience or knows how to install it properly.

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    Unfortuantely, this is still in the early stages of distribution and we don't have any information about it yet. Now might be a good time to open a thread in the Support area on the guildwars.com main site. Please make sure to report back here so the rest of the community can figure out what's going on! :happy14:

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    After a little investigation i think that this first music pack is just an album of game music. It is not an expansion or in any way related to the game.

    The second pack, which is due for chapter 2 appears to be addon for the ingame music. Never the less i have opened a question on the support site to see what they say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon
    After a little investigation i think that this first music pack is just an album of game music. It is not an expansion or in any way related to the game.
    The Guild Wars music from DirectSong is related to the game. I bought the music 2 days ago, and after download I automatically have the following in the game:

    - A new theme song in the login/character screen
    - Much better recorded and clearer music throughout the game
    - New music in many areas of the game

    With this download from DirectSong you can listen to the game music separately (you are allowed to burn it to a disc), and you get a lot of additional music both in and outside of the game itself.

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    How did you go about installing the music into the game?

    Mine is currently installed d:\games\guild wars\directsong\guild wars special edition soundtrack

    Lol, hes right you know!! Just install it and its there and working! Its got a new song for the login screen. Score!
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    Personally I hope this direct song is not required for additional music in chapter 2 or I will have to do without chapter 2 music. I refuse to install anything with DRM on my pc.
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    I agree with you Merls, i won't tolerate any DRM'd music on my pc. I also don't have any music I(or family member) didn't buy. I also stopped buying cds that have DRM on them.

    I hope that Chapter 2 has it's own set of new music. I also hope DirectSong provides expanded music for it. I suspect that the Sorrows Furnace Update will require music from DirectSong.

    Here's generally how I feel about DirectSong and music expansions:
    - Games should come with music.
    - The option to purchase expanded ingame music is a cool idea, as long as game is not lacking to begin with. Premise is that game has sufficient music already. I don't want to have to start buying games with no music and getting all the soundtrack separtely.
    - I have no interest in purchasing game music to just listen to or put on cd.
    - Two options should be provided (and it seems DirectSong is going this way)
    1) Buy expanded music that is usable in game and on a cd
    2) Buy expanded music that is only usable in game for less money than option 1
    - Mention has been made that the music from DirectSong is a higher quality recording than what is included with game. I want this, and I want it as in game music only. I don't want to put it on a cd.

    Mostly the above is a rant that DirectSong needs to get the game expansion only music going. Looking forward to see what our options are on the 7th.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sai Roland Deschain
    Just downloaded and installed my new song for game, playing them as we speak. Have Fun in the Furnace all :happy14:

    www.directsong.com to get yours! :happy14:

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    Directsong music lagging up

    Is anyone else getting horrible lag every time one of the new songs in the Directsong mini pack loads or repeats. When the song starts my system locks up for about 30 seconds but i can still use Ventrilo some of the times during the lag/lock up. It happens when i play it in media player and in game (which is really bad in the middle of a battle). I have no software firewalls on but i do have a router. I still get the lag when I bypass the router with a DMZ.

    If anyone has any idea how to fix this I would love to hear it, this is getting rather annoying. Thanks.

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    Don't buy any of this Direct song. far to many strings attached.

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