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    advice for a pvp monk newb?

    A couple of my guild's monks have gone on vacation, and suddenly it is clear that we need more healers in the labor pool. I've taken it upon myself to learn, and have (so far) gotten a Mo/N to Frost Gate, with the aim of unlocking the line to create a PvP monk at will when the guild needs one.

    This is my third char through, I have a r/w primary and e/me alt, and I know that PvP is a completely different world. I plan on spending a lot of time in arena once I get enough skills together to hone my skills, but I'm hoping I might be able to get a jump on the game with advice from you kind folks.

    Is there anything I should know as a PvP monk? Any skills that are must-haves? Any gameplay strategies that I should keep in mind? I don't know whether I would go protection or healing (it would probably depend on who else was on the team), and don't really have an opinion on which would be better for my playstyle at this point.

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    For making high level PvP monks, here are some Elites you should focus on unlocking first.

    Energy Drain
    Offering of Blood
    Word of Healing

    Arenas are pretty different though.

    Shield of Regeneration
    Shield of Deflection
    Healing Hands

    There are many more Elites to unlock, and there are probably some other very useful ones that I have forgotten to list. For normal skills, do ALL the skill reward quests, you end up having only about 15 or so normal skills that you need to spend skill points on. I am sort of expecting the currently unquestable skills to appear as rewards for quests in the upcoming new areas. :)

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    Here is a build that I use a lot in Competition Arenas, it is by no means the best but it has served me well and I thought Id share. It is to note a PvP build. It is a hybrid Healer/Prot build, from memory:

    Protective Spirit - Essential spike protection
    Guardian or Shielding Hands - based on mood
    Hex Breaker or Hex Removal
    Healing Touch - essential self heal
    Orison of Healing or Signet of Devotion
    Healing Breeze - ya, ya I know...make fun of me :winking47
    Aura of Faith or Peace and Harmony - Elite, energy management
    Res Sig - Dont leave home without it

    Healing 14, Divine 14, prot 11, domination 4- (something like that) - I use the +5 energy sword +20% enchanting and full ascetic tatoos.
    Using 2 superior runes, healing and divine, you will have a pretty low health...380ish. This is ok, because if you keep protective spirit up while you are being attacked you will never take big spikes of damage more than 38 that healing breeze and some self heals cant take care of. This build cannot remove conditions hence you breeze through degens. For small consistent damage you use shielding hands or guardian. Also keep hex breaker and your elite up shortly before you start the battle. I'll leave the rest for you to figure out.
    Good luck, it's a jungle out there for monks.
    -Saint Smitty
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    Healing Breeze - ya, ya I know...make fun of me
    Breeze for the win!!! :lol:

    You are not in tombs so it is not so bad. Have fun and see you all in game.

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    Rena Windcaller
    Quote Originally Posted by theperfectspell
    Breeze for the win!!! :lol:

    You are not in tombs so it is not so bad. Have fun and see you all in game.

    why is breeze so frowned upon?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rena Windcaller
    why is breeze so frowned upon?
    err... it's 10 mana, and it's not instant heal, it's not gonna save anyone =p
    Energy managment is key in arena, try Energy Drain or Offering of Blood, most effective ones.. and know when to run (in circles that is) and dodge arrows. Cuz a dead monk is a crappy monk

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    The arenas are very very different to any kind of 8v8.

    My advice in general then is firstly to use your elite slot for energy management, except possibly if you're playing as a prot monk. Check out the energy management thread (shameless advertising) for a guide and a massive debate on which ones are best. Most of the healing monk elites are a little pants. Word of Healing can be fairly useful, but I wouldn't bother with it too much.

    You can be much more specialised in the 8v8 than the arenas, focussing on pure healing, for example. A lot of monks like to play a hybrid build in the arenas, as they're normally the only monk on the team, and have to kinda cover all the bases with one build (like berylman).

    If you want to try protection, the only real way to do it is in an actual 8v8 match. Although it might be possible to play straight prot in the arenas, it's not really going to work that well. Boon protection works extremely well in the arenas, but isn't so popular in 8v8 (as the healing monks on the team can normally cover all the healing anyway).

    Healing Breeze is great in arenas, and pretty pants in 8v8. If people are getting degenerated, remove the conditions rather than trying to breeze over them. Remember that you don't need to be a prot monk to remove a condition, though it will help you slightly. If people are getting hexed then.. well, tell them to bring hex breaker next time you lose - there's no easy way to actually remove stacked hexes. Your best bet is to stop them before they arrive.

    Oh, and, I still suggest you use a res signet over a resurrection spell. Check out the 'who should carry what of resurrections' thread - it's around somewhere.

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