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    Video recording.

    hi,I would like to know with what program you all record your videos
    because i would like to create one of my own also,
    so if any of you could tell me what kind of programs you use i would really appreciate it.
    I know about fraps i have it the unregistred version but i can record over 30 second can i change that somehow?

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    Just buy the full version. :confused:
    You sure are not expecting help on how to crack software in this forum do yo?

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    I bet he is, no but seriously. Sometimes 30 secs is more then enough. If you saw true edges music video there wasent anymore then 5 secs per clip, clipped together.

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    You can also use Camtasia. It has a 30 day trial. You can do about everything with it. Camming, editting, putting music in it, etc.

    Though it seems my video's are kind of 'shaky'. Prorably got to fix the fps. What frames per second does the most ppl use for a fluently video?
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