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    Stick Together Team

    Does this look familiar to anyone? Just happened to me at the Dragons Lair. You can't help but wondering what some of those green dots at the top left of the hud must be thinking right now. Are they even looking at their hud?

    Well they could be thinking:

    -Hmm, maybe being spread out like this does NOT give us a strategic advantage.

    -I wonder where our healer is? I'm losing health fast.

    -Hey, this is a dead end, and why has the rest of the team gone in a completely different direction?

    -Maybe it would be wise to stick together, instead of rushing to enemies that need not be killed anyway.

    Well whatever they were thinking, I sure know what I was thinking. So I just sat down in front of the correct corridor and waited for the rushers to either die, or meet up with me, since they were bound to find out they were going the wrong way eventually. Just remember, when you see this. BAD!

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    GWOnline.Net Member Nathardia's Avatar

    Very familiar with random PUG's. Especially when I play my poor healing monk.

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    GWOnline.Net Member Euphemism's Avatar

    Some people never look at the radar. I always did and assumed everyone else did as well, until THK and I was the only one that noticed jades heading towards the king. :P

    But most of the groups I play with tend not to scatter quite that much - a little bit maybe, but not to that point.

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