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    This is not me praising myself; far from it! I am really thankful I managed to find a good team w/ a good leader, where everyone worked together, to beat Thunderhead Keep. It must have taken me dozens of tries, and all I can say is how satisfying it was to finally beat that blasted mission! I can't recall the names of the people on the team, (unfortunately), but to those that were on a team with Femme Biostem Saturday night/Sunday morning, I thank you all!

    It goes to show just how big of a difference a good team w/ good leadership can make! Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worg


    What he said..Did you add the people on your friend list?

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    Congrats! Thunderhead can be a real pain to beat sometimes. It took me 8 attempts with PUGs before I gave up and tried it with the Henchies. That was the key for me. Being in control of the pace we set and choosing the targets. Some of the PUGs were really good for most of the mission and then something would go wrong during the defense of the Keep. The Henchies got me through. That was huge. I am so glad that I'm passed that mission! So a big congrats for getting it done! :happy14:

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    Thunderhead is probably the mission I dread the most. GJ and keep it up.

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    Awesome! I just beat the Great Northern Wall last night! Maybe I will make thread about that in the community forum!

    /sarcasm off


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    I… beat it the first time with my N/R.

    …without Infused armor. I don't think many other people in the group had infused armor either, but I sure made a lot of minions!

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    Feels good when that one comes together. Reason being is that it really requires a solid coordinated effort to succeed.

    I actually play this mission repeatedly for fun now. Also because it's easier to get into a group doing this than any UW or FoW group, plus I get decent drop returns each time out. I've been into it at least 30+ times now with my Mes/E, with about 50% success rate and the bonus about 10-15% of the time (assuming they do it).

    Kinda fun to watch all the different strat approaches, including the people that *think* they know what they're doing. I try to keep a low profile unless consulted and play along with however that want to run it. The "always stay by the king" approach fails more often than not due to simply being overwhelmed.

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