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Thread: Bludgeoner

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    Sorry for posting another how much is this thread, but I can't find the orginal one (I checked 6 pages back).

    I recently found Bludgeoner (green hammer). Its stats are as follows:

    max dmg (obviously)
    +15% dmg while enchanted
    10% armor penetration (10%)
    +30 health

    I'm guessing a w/mo using judge's insight would find it quite useful.

    I really have no idea what price I should try to sell this thing for, and I would greatly appreciate it if some one could help me out (pls try to be honest don't say "oh its worthless I'll take it for 1k")

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    It actually is worthless given how many of these green items are floating around... You may see several people *trying* to sell for a lot of $... and at the same time some ignorant people may buy it for a lot of $... but an informed trader will not pay very much for it.

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    About the value I agree with Hydralisk_X.

    As for price check go here:

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