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    The problem with pvp and a possible solution

    First off, I'm new to Pvp. Have played lots of pve but wanted to give this whole pvp thing a whirl: I've been hearing good things.

    So I created a necro/messmer (two classes in pve that I think are really tough to go against) and raced through pre-searing and began pvping in the Ascalon Arena. Ok my character is a bit young (level 6) but still I really wanted to try this out. The first thing I noticed is that I suck. I don't just mean kind of suck but suck so bad that it is amazing that my character doesn't just trip over her own staff. A couple hits from a warrior and bam, I'm dead.

    I just wanted to clarify my own lack of abilty before I made my complaint. You see, what I quickly realized is, that not only am I a terrible pvper but I'm also fighting against much more powerful and very well dressed opponents. Now I realize that GW is the great equalizer and that if I so wanted I could run my charcter through the various parts of the game and collect the best armor and cap some elite skills, as well as some other very nice one. And for those people who enjoy that kind of play more power to you I've run more than a couple of you to forge and I'll probably run more of you in the future.

    But, it would be nice if there was a low level arena for those of us who want to take it slowly. See having never played a necro or a Mesmer as well as having never PVPed, I see the low level arenas as a kind of learning place. A place to experiment with various skills and to improve your technique. There is something very nice about only have a dozen or so skills to experiment with, you really get the feel of each skill.

    Again, I want to emphasize, I realize that some more vetran players want to pvp with a whole host of skill right from the very beginning, and don't have the desire to have to go through the whole game and level up to 20 just to try a character out but, and I hope I'm not alone on this, I do think for those who are still learning a place where not everyone is ubber would really be nice.

    So, am I alone in feeling this way?

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    OOps, I just realized in my title I had said I had a possible solution to the problem I identified in the above post.

    My solution: create an arena that not only has level requirements but also map requirments. Thus for the Ascalon Arena, for example, the map requirment would be up to but not including yak's bend. By doing this you eliminate the some of the over power that you see in this low level arena.

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    If you've been paying attention at all... you're not alone regarding the low level arenas as this forum has been saturated with like minded comments concerning early level twinking and pvp.

    As for high level (20) pvp... it doesn't matter, GW is the great equalizer.

    Be glad that GW is the way it is... Ascalon Arena would probably be what PvP would be like if there were *true* "godly" items and endless level grinding.

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    everybody grab a stick, i see a dead horse over there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ban this
    everybody grab a stick, i see a dead horse over there!
    It's not a dead horse. For the original poster, a player new to PVP and curious about it, discovering how ridiculously overmatched s/he is in the sandbox it is a very new and unpleasant horse.

    Anet has chosen not to address this issue during their last flurry of patches. Why? I can not fathom. Gentle, non-elite arenas for new players would only benefit everyone later on in the game. It would give people the time to learn PVP skills and without getting slaughtered in 2 seconds. Ever notice how many people suck in high level PVP? That's because they're just starting to learn how to play it.

    As someone who has been killed in Ascalon arena by one blow from a warrior in droks wielding a high damage sword and an elite, I don't think there can be to many threads about this.

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    no, its not your fault

    stupid idiots make lvl 1 toons, then race them into old ascalon, then have someone run them to all elite skills, then they use their level 20 char to buy 15k/droks armor/sup runes for their level 1 toon, and have every skill for their proffession on that one toon, then they have someone get them to level 8-10 and they play in ascalon arena, with all that cheap bullpoop

    i hate people that do that, they are angry at themselves, so they attack the noobs in ascalon arena with lightning surge and meteor shower and power block and unyielding aura and hundred blades....ugh...

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    i hate people that do that, they are angry at themselves, so they attack the noobs in ascalon arena
    what?!? where did that come from? heh Fundamental Attribution Bias, check it out~

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    For learning, I recomend Making a PvP Character and going Random Arena, that is the true learning place for PvP.

    Low Level arena's are just bs places for faction whores.

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    A couple of things. First off, I did not say that the major tweaking of pvp characters is wrong. Actually I think it just fine. One of the great things about guild wars is its openess. You can play the game the way you want. But, the problem is what happens when, in allowing you to play the way you want to play, it infringes on my abilty to play the way I want. That is the situation we have here.

    One of the things I'm surprised Anet has not done is implement a pre-searing pvp area. This would be great for us beginners who are learning the ropes (If there is a pre-searing pvp area then just ignore what I just said).

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    When i first started guildwars a month or 2 ago and started to PvP i think i stayed there for maybe 50-100matches win lose, i had hat urge to learn how to humiliate other players in PvP, what skills to bring to keep me alive over all and to take out the other guy....

    I had no idea about the people that were so petty to do what previous posters are saying, but you learned to know who were the twinks, from reading these boards for about 3 weeks in advance before gettign the game ive learned alot on what to do in PvE and what not to do in PvE/and PvP, how to spot certain builds and change your style of play and work with waht you have

    What im saying is, that there are 2 kinds of players out there, the ones that will sift thru the crap to learn how to GvG and the ones that have had their fill of the low lvl twink griefers kiliing them in one shot and stick to PvE mostly

    This issue has to be adressed,IMO A.net (NC Soft) dont have to completely comply with the players demands, because they are giving us a good service for free mind you

    and probably it wont be adressed because Guildwars pleases both sides of the fence even though they both still need to be hammered out, which is being done now as we speak, i notice all the changes theyve done to certain spots the display,exploits, i have to say i commend them on a good job so far but still more left to be wanted in game,hard to be a beggar when you getting something for free

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