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    Fastest way possable w/o UAS.

    Copied and pasted from another thread.
    I post it here to get to get opinions.

    I was listening on winamp a show about GW.
    On it there is made a suggestion for a person to purchase a pvp ready edition of GW.
    Something like - for fifteen extra dollars you can get all skills unlocked for your pvp made characters.
    This way, if a person is intrested in playing competitivly in PvP, they dont have to purchase the game and play through a PvE game they'd rather not involve themselves with.

    Its been my expience in pvp, that I would like to contribute to a team build, but I didnt have a particular skill unlocked and no skill points to get it quickly.
    The solution is - ok, lets substatue that skill for something else so we can get in the game and play.
    But that really slows the game down. Especailly for people that want to jump into the experance.

    I think Anet wants this game to be a PvE/PvP experance, but they cant force players to enjoy both.
    PvPers do have faction points, thats nice.
    The analogy was made, "Its like if you wanted to play with a railgun in Q3, but you have to unlock it with x amount of kills with a shotgun"
    Though players that insist on having a good time with Q3 will overcome this barrier, it would only act as a hassle for most and a deterant to others.

    So, I thought about it.
    And I guess I need somebody to help me shoot down this idea, because it seems too perfect.

    Say you want your friend to play GWs cuz you know how much he likes smart, competitive games.
    Then he asks you, "Dont I have to grind a character through the game to get the skills to play your teams builds?"
    And you say to him, "No, just join our guild, we have all the skills unlocked"

    So this is how it would work.
    Once you start a guild, every skill that is unlocked amongst the players in your guild, is unlocked at your guildhall for your PvP created characters.
    If a player leaves, the skills he brought to your guild leaves with him.

    So what this means is, 6 players can play very casually play through pve and start a guild with all skills unlocked.
    Yet, none of those 6 players have UAS.
    The skills are unlocked between the six of them for the whole guild and therefor anyone in that guild enjoys the benefits.
    A PvEr could still grind, and must grind, if they want to unlock every skill for themselves with one or more characters because the additional skills thier guild would give them would not help thier PvE characters to unlock skills any faster.
    If there is any stipulation it would be that your guilds unlocks can only be customized at your guildhall, so you cant go to tombs with all skills unlock.

    Id like to extend this idea just a little further.
    What can we add to the guildhalls? People want storage areas, merchants, etc.
    How about a weapons rack? Ok, that idea isnt new, but what if...
    What if any weapon on your guilds weapons rack is a weapon that anyone can use for PvP created characters?
    Much in the same fashion that you get your weapon customized to add damage and then its pretty much off the market, this weapons rack would insist that you customize it for the guild.
    Now the weapon is off the market but its used by everyone on your guild at your guildhall for bonus damage as long as its on the weapons rack.
    Thats just an idea on the side though.

    Really what Im getting at is - do you think UAS possible under the machanics I suggested? Is it fair for you? Would people lose out because of this, or would it help people move along in your opinion?

    Im going to try to make up a counter argument.

    "But that would make more unexperanced players because they would have all the skills avalibule to them with no understanding of how to use them."

    Honestly, I dont understand half the skills Ive unlocked.

    Anyhow, there are no brick walls in brainstorming solutions.
    So this argument is a bad excuse.
    When Anet implements interguild matches so guilds can practice together, this inexperance will fly away faster than the experance of 100+ hours of PvE can give you.

    Let me know what you think.

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    I suggested this exact thing about a month ago, unlocks for your guild, it's a brilliant concept but one I don't think will be implemented..

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    I dunno... I get the impression it'll be abused by the same people who don't do anything themselves already, expecting others to do all the hard work so they can reap the rewards themselves.

    You have to earn the faction to unlock skills for a reason in PvP. You have to earn the XP to get the skill point and earn the cash to pay for a skill in PvE for a reason.

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    what a great idea but why not make it that for 15 bucks you can get 1000000 fame and have all skills, weapon addons and runes cause that would be so coooool

    pvp'ers can already unlock all skills etc with relative ease
    just play a GvG and you already have enough faction to unlock a basic skill
    900 faction for flawless and +160 faction for killing the other team

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    What about the people that have actually worked to unlock the skills they have? You might as well sell unlock all skills on ebay along with gold and other things.

    While it's a different spin and creative, it's unfair to those that already have the game (and besides I believe they already said they will not be doing a UAS).

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    This is not Q3, it's Guildwars.
    This topic has been beaten to death repeatedly.
    In peoples effort to make this into another game, they could well ruin it for everyone else. As far as i'm concerned it has become way to easy to unlock stuff now. Part of the draw of this game was the challenge, now it's become so easy to unlock that it's no challenge at all.
    Similarly they have nerfed PvE missions to the point that it requires very little skill at all to complete them.
    I think in listening to the lazy people who think that instant gratification is a way of life, ANet has made their biggest mistake. I only hope the expansion won't take the same route.


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