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    The name of my female mesmer is Elranien Dyness.

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    Rastapoppolis Vll

    It just sounds.. beats me. It just fits my illusionist mesmer girl.

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    Just named my new lady Tricks Are For Kids :)

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    Female mesmer...

    Infused Choas

    fav build would be interupts + powerblock

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    Mage Of Dark Echoes
    Echoes Of The Dying
    Vecna The Shackler
    King of Casters
    T I T S
    Lyssas Priestess
    Champion of Lucifer
    Champion of Hell

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    My main (Me/Ne) is named:

    Tabitha Ravensong

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    Female Me/Ne

    Aeternus Senium, meaning Eternal Grief in latin

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    Quote Originally Posted by tigercan
    Just named my new lady Tricks Are For Kids :)
    omg r u serious... so thats who took my name. :D

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    Maybe a name like Me So Hexy would be cool?

    Mines name is Cow Man Moo. >.>

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    Mesmer Name

    My male mesmer is Twanger Toucher. He just looked like he'd do it.

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