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    Necromancer Rammstien Video Shoot

    Yesterday there was a video shoot for a rammstein song as some of you may have read. I compiled a few pics from the event, it was really fun :) . (BTW im the necromancer in the green 15k necrotic)

    The band dancing:

    Bowing our head in the rememberance of Rammstien :

    Us playing out instruments and such :

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    Can you find your names in the moshpit? :D

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    Us jumping:

    End of the shoot:

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    I took a few pics of my own. I was Karrrak Hijuda, the one with the FoW Chest, with Tormentors everything else, dyed black. Here they are:

    "Attention, everyone!"

    We begin to RAWK

    We dance AND RAWK

    Yet more RAWK
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    The mosh pit

    Yet more mosh pit!

    In loving memory of some dude I do not know...

    "Jump, everyone!"

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    The beautiful female dancers...

    Curse the beautiful female dancers!



    That's all I took, folks. It was fun, CMEPtb, and I was glad to be a part of it.

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