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    PvP, Degen or bomber damage?

    which do you guys prefer doing mass degen of -15 ..or blood/dark bombering?

    for my build i use life siphon/life transfer/ Faintheartedness = total of -15 degen

    i also have a minature blood bomber combo which is going at the same time after casting my -15 degen.. it goes: Dark Pact / Barbed Signet = 100+ damage

    Basically after casting my life siphon and life transfer I spam dark pact and barb signet. i use fast recharge items which helps on the spamming.. i dont really use up that much mana becuz the only 2 spells i really spam is dack pact and barbed signet. for life siphon/lifetransfer/Faintheartedness i use them once there recharged(life tranfer takes a while to recharge). I rarely die in battles in aither TA or CA. Even against interupt Rangers and frag mesmers i tend to survivor without a monk. If there is a monk, then most likely i wont die at all cuz of my life regen and his healing.

    dark pact: 5mana (spammed)
    barbed signet: no mana (spammed)
    life siphon: 10
    life tranfer: 15
    Faintheartedness: 10
    (the rest of my skill slots are filled up by skills that my team needs)

    blood: 16 (superior rune)
    curse: 12 (minor rune)
    *the rest in soul reaping + (minor rune)

    any thoughts?
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    You cannot do 15 life degen., the max is 10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrath of God
    You cannot do 15 life degen., the max is 10.

    life transfer = 9 // life sphon = 3 // Faintheartedness =3 // total 15 degen

    i believe we can do 15 degen, ive read previous post in the past that we are able to do it.. someone confirm pls :surprise:
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    The extra 5 are kept in 'reserve' as far as I'm aware. The target can't take anymore than 10 degen at any one time, however say a monk with 12 healing casts healing breeze (8 regen), the other five degen will become extremely useful, giving the target an overall degen of 7

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    Instead of wasting a bunch of degen. hoping that they use a Healing Breeze or something like that so you can take the maximum effect of your degen., just cause 10 health degen. and strip any enchantment that is casted on the monk.

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    In random arenas, use echo->vamp gaze->vamp gaze->vamp gaze... then take well of blood and lay that sucker down. Also take demonic flesh and blood renewal.

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    Blood Spiker should be:

    Deathy Chill
    Putrid Explosion
    Dark Pact
    Vampric Gaze
    Shadow Strike
    Offering of Blood {E}
    Life Syphon
    Ressurection Signet

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