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    Post Monk SotD Archives

    One of our members, bllius, has been creating Spell/Skill of the Day threads for a while now. I like these as it gives us an opportunity to discuss what we like and dislike about certain skills, when they are applicable, and what possible changes can be or have been made to them.

    I've compiled a list of all the past SotD's and I will keep this up-to-date for those looking for discussion on a specific skill. The date listed is when they were posted. Don't worry about posting or updating information in an old thread; that's the right place for it!

    Now, the continued call for more SotD's has been answered and we are getting a few more skills covered. Once we've got most or all of them, we'll start to revisit some old favorites.

    Thanks this time to parkerbsb, Corporeal Ghost, and Ja Grille!

    The covered skills are sorted by attribute then by name, and their campaign has been noted as well. There are also some links for skill locations and changes at the bottom of the list.

    Divine Favor
    Aura of Faith (08/30/05) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Blessed Aura (09/28/05) Prophecies Only
    Blessed Light Factions Only, Elite
    Blessed Signet (08/02/05) Core Skill
    Boon Signet Factions Only, Elite
    Contemplation of Purity (10/06/05) Prophecies Only
    Divine Boon (07/15/05) Core Skill
    Divine Healing (08/23/05) Prophecies Only
    Divine Intervention (08/16/05) Core Skill
    Divine Spirit (07/25/05) Prophecies Only
    Heaven's Delight Factions Only
    Peace and Harmony (10/13/05), (10/31/06) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Release Enchantments Factions Only
    Signet of Devotion (08/09/05) Core Skill
    Spell Breaker (09/06/05) Core Skill, Elite
    Spell Shield Factions Only
    Unyielding Aura (02/24/06) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Watchful Spirit (09/22/05) Prophecies Only
    Withdraw Hexes Factions Only, Elite

    Healing Prayers
    Dwayna's Kiss (08/03/05) Prophecies Only
    Dwayna's Sorrow Factions Only
    Ethereal Light Factions Only
    Gift of Health Factions Only
    Heal Area (08/17/05) Prophecies Only
    Heal Other (09/19/05) Prophecies Only
    Heal Party (10/07/05) Core Skill
    Healing Breeze (07/14/05) Core Skill
    Healing Burst Factions Only, Elite
    Healing Hands (09/30/05) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Healing Light Factions Only, Elite
    Healing Seed (08/10/05) Core Skill
    Healing Touch (10/17/05) Core Skill
    Healing Whisper Factions Only
    Infuse Health (12/22/05) Core Skill
    Jaimei's Gaze Factions Only
    Karel's Healing Circle Factions Only
    Live Vicariously (01/23/06) Prophecies Only
    Mending Core Skill
    Orison of Healing (08/24/05) Core Skill
    Restore Life (03/01/06) Prophecies Only
    Resurrection Chant Factions Only
    Signet of Rejuvenation Factions Only
    Vigorous Spirit (07/26/05), (11/02/06) Prophecies Only
    Word of Healing (12/28/05) Core Skill, Elite

    Protection Prayers
    Aegis (07/21/05) Core Skill
    Air of Enchantment Factions Only, Elite
    Amity (12/26/05) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Convert Hexes (08/04/05) Core Skill
    Draw Conditions (10/04/05) Core Skill
    Extinguish Factions Only
    Guardian (09/20/05) Core Skill
    Life Attunement (08/31/05) Prophecies Only
    Life Barrier (01/10/06) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Life Bond (01/09/06) Core Skill
    Life Sheath Factions Only, Elite
    Mark of Protection (01/14/06) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Mend Ailment (07/19/05) Core Skill
    Mend Condition (07/19/05) Prophecies Only
    Pacifism (07/27/05) Prophecies Only
    Protective Bond (08/25/05) Prophecies Only
    Protective Spirit (12/23/05) Core Skill
    Rebirth (02/22/06) Core Skill
    Restore Condition (12/29/05) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Reversal of Fortune (08/18/05) Core Skill
    Reverse Hex Factions Only
    Shield Guardian Factions Only
    Shield of Deflection (01/04/06) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Shield of Regeneration (01/02/06) Core Skill, Elite
    Shielding Hands (08/12/05) Core Skill
    Shield of Absorption (30/12/06) Nightfall Skill
    Spirit Bond Factions Only
    Vital Blessing Prophecies Only

    Smiting Prayers
    Balthazar's Aura (08/05/05) Core Skill
    Balthazar's Spirit (07/29/05) Prophecies Only
    Bane Signet (08/26/05) Core Skill
    Banish (10/05/05) Core Skill
    Holy Strike (09/01/05) Prophecies Only
    Holy Wrath (09/21/05) Prophecies Only
    Judge's Insight (10/11/05) Core Skill
    Kirin's Wrath Factions Only
    Ray of Judgment Factions Only, Elite
    Retribution (01/11/06) Core Skill
    Scourge Healing (01/02/06) Core Skill
    Scourge Sacrifice (01/04/06) Prophecies Only
    Shield of Judgment (07/18/05) Prophecies Only, Elite
    Signet of Judgment Core Skill, Elite
    Signet of Rage Factions Only
    Smite Prophecies Only
    Smite Hex (12/30/05) Core Skill
    Spear of Light Factions Only
    Stonesoul Strike Factions Only
    Strength of Honor (08/12/05) Core Skill
    Symbol of Wrath (08/19/05) Prophecies Only
    Word of Censure Factions Only, Elite
    Zealot's Fire (01/06/06) Core Skill

    Deny Hexes Factions Only
    Empathetic Removal Factions Only, Elite
    Essence Bond (08/22/05) Prophecies Only
    Holy Veil (08/01/05) Core Skill
    Light of Dwayna (01/18/06) Prophecies Only
    Martyr (08/15/05) Core Skill, Elite
    Purge Conditions (09/02/05) Core Skill
    Purge Signet (08/29/05) Core Skill
    Remove Hex (08/08/05) Core Skill
    Resurrect (02/23/06) Core Skill
    Succor (07/22/05) Prophecies Only
    Vengeance (02/03/06) Prophecies Only

    Other Resourses
    GWOnline Monk Skill Descriptions Core Skills & Prophecies Only
    GWOnline Monk Skill Descriptions Factions Only
    GWOnline Monk Skill Locations
    GWOnline Elite Skill Locations
    Guide to Resurrects for the Monk (08/05/05)
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    Pre-Factions Update

    With the release of Factions coming at the end of the month, I'll be looking to start doing new versions of the Skill of the Day. I'd like to wait a week or so into the release to start covering them, giving members an adequate time to test them, and have them used against them in PvE and PvP.

    There are a couple of core skills and Prophecies only skills that haven't been covered, which anyone is welcome to make a new SotD thread for.

    Remaining Skills
    Vital Blessing
    Signet of Judgment
    Perhaps the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others...

    A proud returning member of the Order of Dii
    Phaeax Of Dii (Tyrian Me/N) • Alennia The Precise (Tyrian W/E) • Arceloph The True (Tyrian Mo/P)
    Astraea The Swift (Canthan R/A) • Sans Gravitas (Canthan Rt/N) • Cryphaestus Dii (Elonian D/Me)
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