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    How does FAVOR work for the interational districts in terms of accessing FoW etc?

    Just what the topic said. Reason for asking:

    My friend plays in the Euro zone. I am in the American zone. We always meet in the international districts to play. The logical extension of the topic's question is can we access those advanced places from the international districts?

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    Theory 1: You can't access from int'l zone.

    Theory 2: Team Leader's region (and leader has to kneel/pay).

    I put my bet on theory 1, but it wouldn't be hard to try either one.

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    You can't go to either area from the international district...

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    I concur with Pan Sola's first theory and Epidemik.

    I checked it myself several weeks ago, and you cannot enter FoW/UW from International, even if the region of the Party Leader has Favor.

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