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Thread: Free iPods?

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    Free iPods?

    Ok .. Once this has been answered can someone delete/lock it whatever. And I apologize if it has been addressed already.

    Is .. http://ipods.freepay.com/Default.aspx?N=1&P=186

    this popping up for anyone else randomly? ... It just keeps popping open a new tab in fire fox over and over whenever I browse this site ... and it just happened while typing this thread ... anyways ... if this is intentional, this site had got really annoying ... if not intentional ... please fix it @_@

    Anyone else having problems?


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    GWOnline.Net Member

    yup, popped up twice for me so far. I'm also using firefox.

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    hasnt popped up yet for me

    but i would love a free ipod :) its a shame they havnt got the ipod i want (ipod shuffle)

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    GWOnline.Net Member Reverend Loki's Avatar


    Sneaky pop-ups

    Is there an ad on any of the pages you have open that is related to this? Either for free iPods or for anything on that freepay.com site? If so, I'm thinking they should be removed from advertising rotation immediately. Furthermore, if I see that ad myself, I will be blocking it. I know that pointing to ad-blocking software and such is verboten, but if an "ad" starts circumventing the standard conventions of a web browser and starts hijacking my browser windows, it ceases to be aharmless ad and instead becomes malware capitalizing on an exploit. The normal ads can stay, as long as they continue to behave themselves :)

    Though Firefox has excellent built in pop-up protection, some advertisers have found a way through. There are extensions available that provide more strict pop-up blocking, if you are interested. And it sounds like this is a pop-up issue, filtered through a Firefox setting that directs links that would normally open in a new window to open in a new tab instead. Note that pop-up blocking != ad-blocking, so have at it. Tools-> Options, then "Get More Extensions".

    In the mean time, next time this happens, note what ads are up, as well as those that might be in other tabs on other sites. If you can trace it to decent degree of probability to an ad in rotation on this site, note the ad and take a screen shot, and send it to the admins of this site. They'll do whatever they can to get rid of it.

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    GWOnline.Net Member

    That's a new one, it opens up in a tab? I haven't had anything like that on the net yet. I don't think it's happening with this site because I'm a pal and I don't get ads but I find it weird I haven't came across this sort of pop-up before.

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    Ya it is weird .. I am just scrolling down the page reading posts ... and it is popping itself into a new tab ... its really odd .. because the banner isnt even in sight for me to click it .. so it cannot be that ... it is annoying though lol ...

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    GWOnline.Net Member Icy Spicy's Avatar

    i use firefox too, i have java scripts disabled, i have adblock and popup blocker... i never see any ads anywhere lol

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    I only get it on this board. Haven't gotten round to checking for spyware yet.

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    Yeah, I was going through the list of new posts, got to page 2, and had that ad page open 3 times, each time in it's own tab. So, it's not just you.

    I'm curious if it's only happening to use Firefox users.

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    I'm using IE here at work, and I haven't seen a thing.

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