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    Question Rare Crafting Materials - Usage?

    Hi all

    I have a had a search through the forums, but have not found an answer to my question as yet, which is:

    Are rare crafting materials only specifically used for crafting higher level armour? For example, if a Memer's mask normally requires 4 Bolts of Cloth and 1 Leather Square, would substituting the normal Leather Square for an Elonian Leather Square yield a better crafting result, i.e. some higher stats on the armour?

    Thought I'd better ask before using up my hard-earned cash :)


    -: Vox :-

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    Elonian leather squares are used to craft 15k (a piece) rogue armor, which looks better than what you can buy at the Forge, but has the same stats.

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    Simple answer - NO. :)

    Just to expand on the previous post, the armour at Droknars forge, if you are there yet, has the highest possible stats in the game. That armour is MAX. there are however, more expensive versions of these armours. The only difference is in how they look. They are simply a gold sink - a place for people with lots of gold to spend their money!

    These more expensive armours require these rare materials.

    When visiting the armour crafter, the materials he asks for are the only materials you need. You can't use any other :)
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    Thanks guys, all makes sense.

    -: Vox :-

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