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    Arrow Important Info--Rules and Guides--Read!!

    First and foremost, read the rules enforced on all forums at GWOnline.net. You can find these rules here: Rules

    Now, to add what I specifically detest so you know exactly what to do if you want to earn a ban.

    • Flames
      Anything that belittles, attacks, or insults another member is considered a flame. You don't have to like what someone says....you dont have to like said 'someone'....but you will respect them and act civil. Sarcasm is borderline.
    • Trolls
      We don't need any people acting like a troll in a single thread, denouncing everyone else's oppinion and affirming their own every other reply.
    • Swearing
      Do not bypass the world filter. If you bypass it, and flame, God have mercy on you...I won't.
    • No inappropriate links.
      There are children on this site. Do not post content that should be for adults only. Links to outside forums or competing sites are also inappropriate. If you question the site you wish to reference, pm me before hand asking for verification.
    • Do not circumvent actions taken by mods and admins!!!!!
      The blue and green names mean something folks. This will most likely result in no warning, and an immediate ban. If you have been banned and circumvent that ban by creating a new account, congratulations you are perma-banned from this site. Permanently.

    And thats it. Below are some general guidelines modified from old posts written by community member Nobleman Azure, as well as a listing of links of interest. Discuss, Debate, Disagree... :happy14: Thats great! Start to get too negative or slip into rants, or lose your productivity.... and expect me to intervene. So again, Discuss, Debate, and Disagree.....but do not argue. Debates I love, arguments I detest. Leave the egos at home, I cannot stress that enough.
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    Guidelines and Important Info

    Welcome to the Mesmer Forums! A place for discussion of skills, stats, gameplay, builds and many other faucets of the Mesmer profession. Please be aware that any conversation not deemed appropriate for the Mesmer forum, will be moved to the appropriate forum.

    If you came here to help out or to read one of the many threads established, you may now go on and do so and have fun. Please remember that if you feel the need to reply, do so in a manner in which it would not spark up personal attacks and insults; arguements are fine but stay away from degradation or insults.

    Now, you may have come here seeking enlightenment or with a question ready to be asked. We here in this section of the forums will be glad to answer but you must first take into consideration a few things to reduce forum clutter and repetetiveness.

    -Use the search function to find the answer to your question

    The search function will help you find threads that may contain a question similar to what you have in mind and most likely, an answer to it as well. This function will help you understand and find an answer without asking.

    *Note* - To search all forums for a topic, use the search function on the User CP (Control Panel) bar, direclty underneath the main header of the GWOnline.net forums, found near the top of every page.
    To search one forum for a topic, while in that forum, mouse over to the tab in the forum specific user panel and click the little down arrow to drop down the 'Search this Forum' tab.
    To search a thread for a particular post, open the thread and scroll to the 'Search this Thread' section of the user interface for the thread.

    -Read the sticky topics

    The sticky topics are witheld at the top of the forum thread listings for a reason. They contain a good deal of knowledge, and links to popular threads as well as other topics worth reading.

    Now heres a perfect example of a stickied thread with lots of links to popular/informative threads. The following threads are so informative that they have been culled into permenant forum resources.

    -Mesmer Armor Pictures: This thread contains screenshots and light discussion over the aesthetic qualities of all Mesmer Armors.

    -Female Mesmer Hose Project: This thread is a compilation of screenshots covering the Female leg armor.

    -Female Mesmer Armor Dye Guide: This thread by Enko is a comprehensive listing of single and double dye color combinations for all current Female Mesmer chest armors.

    -Lyssa's Citadel: This is the main FAQ of the mesmer forums, many questions that have been asked are answered here for easy access. You may also ask in this thread and an answer will be given as soon as possible.

    -A Beginner's Guide to the Profession of Mesmers: This is a compilation of different Mesmer archetypes by community member arredondo. If you want to know basic or popular build templates, make sure to read through this thread. If you wish to contribute your own oppinions to this guide, please do so in the discussion counterpart to this thread, found here.

    -Sinnes and Bella's Imposter PvE Builds!: This thread is a listing of builds used by forum members Bellissma and Zeittotschlager utlizing the secondaries of the Mesmer to fill roles typically sought after by other primary professions. These builds are useful for filling different types of PvE roles, outside of archetypical Mesmer roles and builds.

    -Mesmer Skill Listing: This thread lists Mesmer Skills from Guild Wars: Prophecies and how they are obtainable, including listings of those recievable as Quest Rewards, what trainers offer, and information regarding where Elite skills can be captured. This is the only chapter of Guild Wars that has skills obtainable by methods other then purchase, therefore it is the only chapter with a skill listing.

    -List of viable 4v4 CA/TA Mesmer builds: Just what it says. A great compilation of builds from various forum members, all proven to be successful in the Arenas. Discussion in this thread is to be limited, but the sharing and in depth coverage of one's build is allways welcome and appreciated.

    -Interrupter Beginner's Guide and Interrupter Learning Build: Both of these threads are great resources for members hoping to broaden their Mesmer horizons, and practice the art of interrupting. The first is a compilation of previous posts/threads filled with a wealth of knowledge and strategy for interrupting, whereas the second is a particularly notable thread that generated great discussion upon builds for interrupting.

    -Rough And Ready Guide To UW Clearance From A Mesmers POV: This thread is an excellent write up on the Underworld in general, as well as giving specific insight into being an effective Mesmer for any Underworld team! A must read for those of you who really need those ectos or want to be able to keep your UW team from making a fatal mistake.

    -The Archives: This thread contains a compilation of Spell of the Days (threads that discuss a certain spell or skill. Great for finding criticism for a spell or skill you have in mind), Arcane Tribune (A thread that functions like a journal or a newspaper that gives news and fun things like comics) and Test Threads (Threads where we test a certain gameplay element and give results. You will learn and gain alot of information here about gameplay mechanics and the whys and hows of skills)

    -The Magician's Armory: This thread contains a list of item collectors and what weapons, armors, offhands they offer in exchange. This also lists their location and what they need in order to give you the item.

    Beyond the above we have some older information that isn't quite as relevant. The links in the following threads may not function properly, refer to features no longer available, and are outdated. The information itself probably is as well.

    -Mesmer Skill Listing: This thread is an archaic information thread pertaining to what trainers have which skills in the original release of Guild Wars, now known as Guild Wars: Prophecies.

    -Factions Mesmer Info: This thread is a collection of information for people in need of help with the second chapter of Guild Wars, Guild Wars: Factions.

    If you still cant find the answer to your question, go ahead and start a new thread, but be polite and wait for an answer. If links are given to previous threads or other site resources, you should investigate them fully to further your understanding.

    If it is deemed neccesary, you allways have the option to PM another forum user or myself to ask your questions privately. But the public atmosphere is the best avenue to truely further your knowledge of the Mesmer profession.

    Enjoy your stay in gwonline.net forums!

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