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    Necro in GvG/HoH

    i need to know what its uses are....how can a necro be used in GvGing and Halls, i am wanting to buld a necro but thats the only thing thats stopping me. thanks

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    GWOnline.Net Member kamotu's Avatar

    Use your mind, any class can do a lot of things. I don't suggest blood necro for PvP though.

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    a minion master necro can be very useful as they can make lots of minions to help, and use wells to healing party members and kill enemies.

    Just try it out, it's a lot of fun once you get used to it.

    The only problem is if you have a lot of death necros the bodies run out, and then you're hardly any use if your a minion master.

    If you don't want to be reliant(sp?) on bodies so that you can attack i find that curses are very useful.

    Overall necros can be very good in GvG and HoH if used properly. It takes some practice though.

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    Necromancers have many uses in 8 person pvp. One of my favorite things to do is make a N/Me, cast Suffering on a large group of enemies, then Echo Feast of Corruption. That's about 250 damage to a large group of enemies... quite lethal. As said before, Minion Masters are also a good choice. With the IWAY build going around atm, an Anti-Warrior is also a great choice, just keep in mind you are about useless on caster classes. Another one of my favorites a Death Nuker. Speccing high in death magic will give your damage spells huge potential. Deathly Chill, Deathly Swarm, and Well of Suffering are some of the best for this. Death Nova, and Putrid Explosion also blend well with this.

    The Necromancer has countless uses in pvp, just some a little less obvious than other classes.

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    Like others have said, necros are the swiss army knife class. We can fill a variety of roles. One quick and easy role is simply reducing warrior effectiveness with your curses. Shadow of fear, faintheartedness, enfeebling blood, and price of failure are personal favorites. If you have an ele secondary, get near the monks to protect them and drop a ward against melee to increase the warrior miss rate. Then with price of failure adding to the miss rate and causing damage, you can really stop a warrior from doing much of anything. Throw in an eruption for the blinding effect, and he'll just about swing himself to death, unless one of the opposing monks is on Martyr duty. Its a very simple tactic that usually works pretty well. Not to mention, spiteful spirit fits nicely with this as an elite that warriors really hate.

    The previously mentioned minion build isn't bad, provided you can get enough minions up to make a difference. I don't like this one too much for pvp since a simple W/Mo with Balthazar's aura and wrath can shred a minion army in no time. But there are people who would swear by minions.

    One thing that necros do better than any other class, remove those annoying enchantments (how we all loathe mark of protection and spellbreaker...). Lingering curse is great, albeit expensive to cast. Rend is great in the right situation, provided you have a friendly monk handy, or some other means of healing yourself. Or, should you prefer wells, profane is fantastic for this purpose, especially since it's basically an aoe that also prevents any buffs on the people oblivious enough to just stand there in it. Switch to a mesmer secondary, and load arcane echo for some good spammage, and you can really cause headaches for your opponents.

    In the end, just pick a role that you'd like to try and fill, and set your skills accordingly. Try it out and see what you prefer. Just don't try to fill multiple roles simultaneously, or you'll probably not have enough skill slots to really cover those roles.

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