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    Darkon The Ancient

    Cool Another build from another site

    Our Guild leader sent us this copied post for consideration. he has a Mo/W.

    "I run a Mo/El using Balthazar Aura / Symbol of Wrath / Glyph of Concentration / Glyph of Energy / Watchful Spirit / Blessed Aura / Protective Bond / Essence Bond.

    I take the Glyph of Concentration so I can NEGATE interru
    pts, and since I am getting hit enough, I regenerate my energy fast enough via Essence/Balth enchants.

    I take an El/Mo with me with these skills: Balthazar's Spirit (on me)/ Mending (get to +3, on me) / Essence Bond (on me) / Life Barrier / Succor (on me).

    This gives me +6 health regeneration at all times / Halved damage from everything / +1 energy regeneration overall / 2 energy gained per hit (down to 1 with Prot Bond) / +45% enchant length.

    This allows me to maintain Balthazar's Aura 95% of the time, gives the El/Mo the ability to fire off nukes and the like, because since I am getting hit hard and fast, the El/Mo tends to regenerate energy quite fast. Succor is there so I get that extra 1 health regeneration and 2 energy lost to the caster of it, every so often, is nothing compared to what that person gains when I get hit.

    Even without support from my buddy, I can tank a good 10-12 coldfires and countless smites at once, and not come NEAR death. But at the same time, the El/Mo's energy and mine, are almost constantly full.

    No Mo/Wa build here, just a glyph user."

    Try it, you might like it.:happy14:
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    Protective Bond. Does he still use this build? After the updates and patchs, I'm sure Protective Bond is being replaced with Protective Spirit. And now there are Dying Nightmares now :).

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