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    Darkon The Ancient

    Cool Another build from another site

    Our Guild leader sent us this copied post for consideration. he has a Mo/W.

    "I run a Mo/El using Balthazar Aura / Symbol of Wrath / Glyph of Concentration / Glyph of Energy / Watchful Spirit / Blessed Aura / Protective Bond / Essence Bond.

    I take the Glyph of Concentration so I can NEGATE interru
    pts, and since I am getting hit enough, I regenerate my energy fast enough via Essence/Balth enchants.

    I take an El/Mo with me with these skills: Balthazar's Spirit (on me)/ Mending (get to +3, on me) / Essence Bond (on me) / Life Barrier / Succor (on me).

    This gives me +6 health regeneration at all times / Halved damage from everything / +1 energy regeneration overall / 2 energy gained per hit (down to 1 with Prot Bond) / +45% enchant length.

    This allows me to maintain Balthazar's Aura 95% of the time, gives the El/Mo the ability to fire off nukes and the like, because since I am getting hit hard and fast, the El/Mo tends to regenerate energy quite fast. Succor is there so I get that extra 1 health regeneration and 2 energy lost to the caster of it, every so often, is nothing compared to what that person gains when I get hit.

    Even without support from my buddy, I can tank a good 10-12 coldfires and countless smites at once, and not come NEAR death. But at the same time, the El/Mo's energy and mine, are almost constantly full.

    No Mo/Wa build here, just a glyph user."

    Try it, you might like it.:happy14:
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    GWOnline.Net Member raisins's Avatar

    Protective Bond. Does he still use this build? After the updates and patchs, I'm sure Protective Bond is being replaced with Protective Spirit. And now there are Dying Nightmares now :).

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