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    Looking for a PVP Guild.

    So the guild im currently in is dead. And all i do when i play is pvp.
    So about me:
    -Based in England, so ill be playing on a GMT time. I dont want to be in another American guild where everyone logs on at 10gmt, just as im going to bed.
    -Most skills unlocked. I have almost every ranger skill, along with monk, and warrior. My main "class" is a ranger.
    -I currently have 3 characters. A level 20 monk/warrior, 13 ranger/mesmer, and a level 3 necro/warrior. Now i did have a 20r/mo at one point, but needed more space.
    -I play on the usa servers right now, and can swap back once.
    -I have ventrilo, although my mic is really old, and i dont use it. Will be getting a headset/mic soon enough.
    -Currently rank 1.

    Im usually online after college/work, about 7-10gmt. I have a couple of days off when i play during the day on and off.
    My main character is "Rogue Aired". However, only contact me in game if you want to know more about me. I like to know what guilds are about before joining them.

    Last thing...im looking for a mainly UK based guild, that does PVP quite regularly. Regularly being 4 times a week in tombs or gvg.


    Thanks for the interest ;)
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    meh, dunno if bumps are alowed, but this is on the 2nd page :(

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