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    Looking for a 21+ Guild Leader for a leadership position.

    Looking for a 21+ Guild Leader for a leadership position.

    Hello to Topic readers. I am stuck in a unique situation which requires me to post a very unorthodox post after failed attempt inside guild wars itself.

    Allow me to give some background on the situation I in, and why I am looking for a experienced guild leader. My name is Ben and I am a clan leader for many years. During a certain point while I was commanding my clan I decided to open a division into a game called Guild Wars, immediately after doing so a bombing success began. My clan which is called LG received countless new serious recruits all above the age of 18 which love the game and the clan. To make a long story short after a great period of time the clan slowly began to fall apart. This began by the loss of the clans Division Leader which was in charge of guild wars, after he disappeared a new leader was assigned which disappeared as well (Later found he was arrested for child pornography). Once we lost two of our key main figures inside the clan, slowly the members began to leave and the clanís guild wars portion fell apart.

    Today I am looking for a EX-Guild Leader, who is 21+ years old to run a division inside a large clan. All facilities for this position are included; this means you get 100slot teamspeak, a amazing flash site, a domain, forum, and portal. This position of course is as division leader inside a already exiting larger clan. If you would like to see our site currently you can go to www.lg-clan.com

    Be aware that if you are interested, you will be ask a rigorous amount of questioning to ensure we donít make a mistake. Since this is a very strong leap of faith on my part , donít expect these things to just be given away.
    The reason I am doing this if not sated above is since I have nothing to loss by having the name of the clan revived in guild wars. This is not a recruiting post, and anyone interested in joining will be ignored, donít request so in anyway.

    You can contact me by MSN, Email, and Xfire.
    Email: sarge@lg-clan.com

    If you contact me by email please include your in game name, and your past clan experience.
    PVP expreince for GVG is a big plus!
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