I'd like to ask a question to you seasoned players: Is N/W a viable PVE option?

I've read many posts here about N/W builds that work according to the poster, mainly revolving around blood-spells like Vampiric Touch, occasional Vampiric Gaze, Unholy Feast for area life-steal or maybe Grenth's Balance.

Some buils use curses instead, like Insidious Parasite and Parasitic Bond, with some debuffing curse to limit the enemy's effectiveness.

These necro skills are then paired with W attacks like Sever Artery and Gash, or Galrath Slash and Final Thrust and the like, depending on the weapon of choice.

I tried myself a N/W build with a max dmg fellblade and a +12 energy blood focus, with 1.5k bonelace armor and bloodstained boots, all in all a pretty standard equipment for a lvl20 char.

I used:
Vamp Gaze
Vamp Touch
Sever Artery
Power Attack (still have to get Galrath Slash)
Life Siphon
Well of Blood
Resurrection Signet.

I tested it for some time; what made me think I was doing something wrong was that a pretty standard desert monster like a Rockshot Devourer was inflicting some 25-30 dmg to me with a normal attack, while i was dealing some 8-10 dmg to him with a normal slash, plus it kept interrupting my Vamp Touches. :(

I was dealing decent damage only when using attack skills, but the damage those could do was comparable to the dmg he was inflicting to me with a normal strike.
I know Necros are not meant to tank, but I thought necro powers could circumvent this problem a little.

I do not really know a lot about warriors, but I know that I was inflicting far more dmg with my blood-curse build.

Before I decide to spend in 1.5k Tormentor's to get an armor rating of 70, I want to know if N/W is fun and viable.
Any help or criticism is welcome, sorry for the long post, I hope that was not boring; thanks in advance for any help.