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    Blood/??? support necro as N/Mo or N/Me

    I've seen many supoort necros and they rock....i just want to now what skills and attributes on them thx :eek:

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    This is the party support build I've used successfully on many Fissure/Underworld trips and other high-level areas:

    Necro/Monk 20

    Blood Magic 16 (12 + scar + superior rune)
    Soul Reaping 10 (9 + minor rune)
    Healing 9
    Curses 4 (3 + minor rune)

    Awaken the Blood
    Shadow of Fear
    Life Siphon
    Vampiric Gaze
    Blood Ritual
    Well of Power [Elite]
    Heal Other

    Shadow of Fear is a good multi-enemy attack-slowing spell that helps the whole party. Life Siphon and Vampiric Gaze are there more for emergency self-heal than for their offensive effect. Opinions differ on which pairing is better for party support, Blood Ritual + Well of Power or Blood is Power + Well of Blood; I think BR+WoP is better, but you should probably try it both ways if you use a build like this. On the rare occasions when I need to add a capture signet to this build, it replaces Life Siphon, but I normally switch to a minion build for skill capping expeditions.

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    Proud Hammer

    Support Necro - i.e. Battery

    I'm still trying to put together what I think is a strong support (or somewhat support) necro build. So, this goes without saying that this build is not "the best" and is far from perfect because I'm still working on it. I'm a N/Mo and here's what I roll with right now:

    Vampiric Gaze
    Life Siphon
    Well of Blood
    Dark Pact
    Blood is Power (elite)
    Blood Renewal

    This build is built around the elite skill Blood is Power (BiP). The skill does the following: Sacrifice 33% max Health. For 10 seconds, target other ally gains +(Min: 3 - Max: 6) Energy regeneration. It's instant cast, costs 5 energy and you can cast it from a safe distance (instead of running around and touching the recipient ala blood ritual which is a real pain in the arse).

    Up until I was able to go to Fissure of Woe and Underworld (pre-ascension) I was an all out damage dealer and I never considered the necro as a support class. I really never planned on using some of these skills (BiP and Blood renewal as well as similar spells like Blood Ritual). Finding groups was never really difficult for me as a necro...well, it wasn't difficult UNTIL I tried to get a FoW/UW group. If you're not set up as a support necro (most often referred to as a "battery") then finding a FoW/UW group is pretty much impossible. And the skill that people will ask for is BiP if you have it. There are alot of people playing necros that hate the fact that necros are used in a support role as a battery and argue that it's not using the full offensive capabilities of the necro class.

    Partially, I agree (especially since I got through so much content in this game using the strong damage-dealing capabilities of the necro class) - but once you've gotten in to a FoW/UW group, equipping BiP is not only a good decision, it's almost a necessity. Furthermore, the build that I use does offer some offensive capabilities. The mobs in FoW/UW usually come in groups of 4 or more and don't go down easily. The other casters in your group are often at 0 energy half-way through any given fight in FoW/UW. That's where you, as the battery, play your small, but very important part. The +6 energy regen does amazingly well at keeping the monks continually casting their healing spells on the party. After a couple of casts at crucial times in any fight, the monks and elementalists will be kissing your boney necro arse all over FoW and UW.

    The 33% sacrifice of max health may seem steep, but that's why you equip Mending and Blood Renewal (both regen)...as well as the health regen you gain from Life Siphon and the life stealing that you get from Vampiric Gaze. So, with all that health coming back in, the monks aren't spending all of their energy healing you as you drop BiP on them and the other casters in your party. To help the monks out even more, I equip Well of Blood for the health regen on the melees who are going to to toe, fighting amongst the bodies of the mobs that we killed.

    To add a little more offense, I add Dark Pact. So, although this build is supportive, it's not 100% supportive and I do get my shots in with Dark Pact, Vampiric Gaze and Life Siphon. AND I play the support role with BiP and Well of Blood. And so the monks aren't healing ME every 5 seconds I have some pretty good regenerative spells. And of course, Rebirth for those we unfortunately lose in battle.

    Just one, long-winded example of a "battery" build.

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