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    Quote Originally Posted by Being View Post
    Interesting and creative armor mix. Never seen it before... VERY nice!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lais Irideika View Post
    Interesting and creative armor mix. Never seen it before... VERY nice!
    i second that, especially the creative part!
    awesome combo man

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    My monk in his Norn armor.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Emmyn View Post

    this is my Mikao, my little lovely monk

    top dwarven white, chaos glove(orange+green+purple+yellow) legs and feet labyrinthine (?) brown.
    this is one of the best looking monks ive seen in ages. The combination is really nice, to bad that im to lazy to play my monk through eotn and get this combo as well :(

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    i am bored at work viewing this, some cool monks here! myself i am a monk whore with like 12 monks atm , post some pics when i get home

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    hiya :D, couldnt get the attachments to work, might just be my browser, so heres a link to it on photobucket ^^


    <3 Ice :D

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    Got my little Guanyin some new duds; it had been a while I had spoiled her. 15k sunspear, with the following dye mixes:

    chest: green + silver + black
    Pants: green + silver + black + black (even with 2 blacks, they came out paler than the chest piece)
    Armbraces: black
    shoes: green + white
    Scalp tattoes: can't remember

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    Here she is again, Nanarya Odarion.

    I dyed my armor the exact same color as the blindfold. I just have to figure out a darker blue for the shield.

    The dye color of the armor is: Blue+Brown+Silver

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    Here is my monk Pixie.

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